How to create a vertical garden in your house or garden

How to create a vertical garden in your house or garden

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A huge wall is not important

Your natural wall can be designed to cover an entire wall or outside of the house or it can occupy only a few square centimeters. It can also be interior or exterior. And what is more important is that the wall chosen must be easily accessible. Plants need sunlight, so they need to be sunburned for part of the day. They also need water, so plant it in an area where the rain easily reaches them.

If you believe it inside, make sure you easily reach the plants for irrigation and that the back wall is well protected against any moisture that could seep. Living walls and natural walls can weigh, so you also have to check that the wall is strong enough to support the weight of the vertical garden.

Maintenance is very simple

If you have a very small garden you can create a very basic but very pleasant wall simply by attaching it to the wall and planting climbers that will gradually join together creating a natural screen of foliage.

For full coverage use the kilts of vertical gardens

Many brands sell kilts specially designed to create live walls. If you want to create a wall that provides full coverage to the brick or wood behind and want to take the easiest path these kits are the best option.

Choose evergreen plants

If you want it to be perfect all year, choose evergreen plants, the most practical and resistant option. At your nearest local garden center they will advise you on the best species for your area according to the type of soil or wall position.

Create a work of art inside the house

Vertical indoor gardens require a little more work, since they will not benefit from the rain but if you attend to them and keep the foliage under control they can be a work of art. Herb gardens are particularly effective.

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