Would you dare to decorate your house with yellow?

Would you dare to decorate your house with yellow?

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Yellow, in all its versions, from the most daring (vitamin!) To the soft ones. It is a color not suitable for superstitious, which has been imposed in decoration. Brushstrokes of yellow are mixed with neutrals, with dark tones to illuminate them, and with other colors in striking compositions. Yellow is still a trend and we want to dedicate a special place in the Web, because we are absolute fans of The Minions the movie, the Illumination Entertainment film with yellow characters that will bring us a smile. Dare with yellow and include notes in your environments.

Advertising - Keep reading under Watching table

Small table with little face smiley in yellow in the envelope.

To buy 419 €


Smiling bag

To buy 21,40 €

Bag with the face of the Minions, from United Labels.

Yellow flower pot Smiley

To buy 18,86 €

Flower pot with smiley face

High stool

To buy 55,98 €/2

These yellow stools with industrial style put a very cheerful counterpoint in any space.

Industrial bedside table Maisons du Monde

This industrial-style coffee table, perfect as a bedside table or as an assistant in the living room

To buy 79,99 €

It is from Maisons du Monde.

Pastel yellow

A soft, soft carpet, both color and touch barefoot.

To buy 143,05 €

Lorena Canals

Ceiling light

With a rounded line design, inspired by the 50s.

To buy 79,99 €

A pop touch in the form of a ceiling lamp. From Maisons du Monde.

Nordic gray and yellow room Maisons du Monde

The yellow of the sofa cheers and illuminates the darkest or neutral tones of this room.

To buy

375 €

Decorated with pieces by Maisons du Monde.

Side tables

With the structure in yellow and the wooden envelope.

To buy 79,55 €

This design will capture looks for its line and its color.

Yellow sofa

Only for the most daring, a large piece in yellow. For example, the sofa.

To buy 375 €

It will be very original. But if you doubt, opt for a more neutral design and incorporate color cushions or a blanket that covers part of the upholstery. It is from Maisons du Monde.

On the wall

Funny plates with message.

To buy 23,99 €

It is sold on


A fetish piece. Recover an antique piece of furniture, with sentimental value and an evocative design and paint it yellow. You will be able to update it based on brush strokes.

How is it done

Paper, from the collection Tout Petit, of Coordonné.


A Nordic design stool.

To buy 39,99 €

Perfect in a corner of the hall or bedroom to put on your shoes or leave your next day's clothes ready. From Maisons du Monde.


Tableware with yellow decoration.

To buy 69,70 €

It's from Soul Kitchen.


A floor lamp that simulates a flexo.

To buy 69,99 €

It is from Maisons du Monde.

Also in the bathroom

A detail in the bathroom full of light.

To buy 23,99 €

A whole set of bathroom accessories in yellow.


It is undeniable: yellow is cheerful and dynamic.

To buy € 164 / m

Combined with plant motifs in this fabric it is perfect to add a fresh touch to interior design. Fabric, by Designers Guild.

Cushions ...

... for the sofa or the bed.

To buy 6,54 €

Cushion with geometric zigzag motifs, from Poppy-Love.

Yellow chair

With the wooden structure.

To buy 20,11 €

It's from El Corte Inglés.

Breakfast in color

This is how the day starts with energy.

To buy € 22.36 / set of 6

Pour coffee in a cheerful cup of Panbado.

Trash or mailbox?

It is a retro design bin, which reminds us of postal mailboxes, in danger of extinction.

To buy 164,90 €

It is from Wesco and is sold on Amazon.

In the study area

Perfect in the bedroom of the youngest of the house.

To buy 249 €

Tip Ton chair, from Vitra.

Shelving IKEA

The mythical Billy bookcase by IKEA.

To buy 49,99 €

With adjustable shelves.

In small doses

For those who want to enter notes in yellow without taking risks, it is best that it be in details and complements.

To buy 193,40 €

Wall plate, for sale on

Gold seems ...

Banana is.

To buy 0,95 €

But it's really a fun case, on

Yellow clouds

Yellow clouds in the meantime blue.

To buy 72,96 €

It's a paper, from the collection Tout Petit, of Coordonné. We like yellow combined with grays and blues throughout its range.

For kids


To buy 181,81 €

A sofa for the little ones, soft and with a lot of color. It's from Vertbaudet.

Warm mix

Yellow and wood, warm mix where they exist.

To buy 39,95 €

Chair, for sale at Amazon.

In metal

In an industrial style, which also yields to yellow.

To buy 11,40 €

Metal stool, by Maisons du Monde.

For the plants

A striking touch between the plants.

To buy 18,19 €

Watering can, selling on eBay.