Do you remember the Chip cup? Now it has a new design, and it is adorable!

Do you remember the Chip cup? Now it has a new design, and it is adorable!

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Is there any more adorable Disney movie character than Chip? We are sure not. So tiny, so nice, so nice ... If we die of love! 😍

That's why as soon as it was put up for sale the iconic Chip cup a few years ago, we shot for her. Well, for the cup and for Mrs. Potts teapot (the one that is geek, what it is with all the consequences).

But the last bomb is that Disney has just released a new version of this cup, where Chip appears doing his classic bubble trick.

There is no detail that escapes, because even the handle of the spoon has a super realistic ornament that seems to extend the bubbles to infinity.

Disney Disney

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