10 DIY furniture you can do at home without going crazy

10 DIY furniture you can do at home without going crazy

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Courtesy Sugar & Cloth

We love DIY, but sometimes projects can be more complicated than they seemed at first. The idea of ​​something as big as a piece of furniture can terrify us, but if you look at these projects, you will see that they are actually fully accessible. From headboards to tables and seats, these DIY furniture They will save you money (and sanity).

Advertising - Keep reading under 'Daybed' Courtesy A House In The Hills

Thinking of buying you a new sofa? Wait, you can do this daybed for less than € 300 in just a few hours. And it's very comfortable, you'll never want to get up.

Tutorial: A House In The Hills.

Side table with marble top Courtesy Sugar & Cloth

Perfect for your tea, your snacks or simply to decorate the room.

Tutorial: Sugar & Cloth.

DIY ottoman Courtesy Dorsey Designs

Padded ottomans can be used as an original coffee table, without spending a lot of money. Try to make your own. You just need to have basic carpentry and upholstery skills, it's not difficult at all.

Tutorial: Dorsey Designs.

DIY wooden headboard Courtesy Sugar & Cloth

Upholstered headboards are ideal, but look how elegant is this version of upholstered wood?

Tutorial: Sugar & Cloth.

Sliding door Courtesy Vintage Revivals

It seems complex, but it is fully manageable. You can say goodbye to the typical double doors.

Tutorial: Vintage Revivals.

Industrial shelving Courtesy DIY Candy

Your DIY dreams are much more attainable. If you want an unconventional shelf, here it is.

Tutorial: DIY Candy

DIY leather chair Courtesy Vintage Revivals

Here’s how to get the look cool Bohemian for less money.

Tutorial: Vintage Revivals.

'Mid-century' console Courtesy Dorsey Designs

For the back of the sofa or for the hall, you decide where to place this console.

Tutorial: Dorsey Designs.

Leather stools Courtesy Dorsey Designs

You will save a lot. We teach you how to make these DIY auxiliary seats to show off your leather beauty.

Tutorial: Dorsey Designs.

DIY coffee table Courtesy DIY Candy

New would cost you almost your salary, but this DIY version is equally beautiful, without having to tighten your belt next month.

Tutorial: DIY Candy

Via: House Beautiful US