How to organize shoes?

How to organize shoes?

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Advertising - Read on below 1 Use wooden containers

to have on hand the pairs that you use more frequently, such as children's water boots during winter or slippers to be at home. Since they have no cover, no family member will be lazy to keep their shoes in place. Boxes, in La Oca. Wallpaper Pulley Square, from Farrow & Ball.

2 As it has very little background, a shoe cabinet with hinged doors

It is perfect for passageways, such as distributors and hallways. If you are several family members, assign a drawer to each one and paint their name on the front with the help of a template; This way you will avoid chaotic mixtures. Pine and galán shoemaker, from Casa. Shoes and accessories, from Moss. Curtain, by Destiny & Design.

3 To take advantage of the wall without overwhelming the space,

fix some glass shelves on the skirting board and use them to have on hand the shoes you use most. Being transparent they are very light; In addition, this material has the advantage that it is easy to clean. Leave new pairs in sight and store the rest in boxes. 60 cm shelves, in Domus. Boxes and shoes, Moss.

4 Lovers of order

They will be delighted with these containers. Each one of them is formed by several stacked drawers that are turned to access the pair of shoes stored inside. Duett containers with four and eight, both, in La Oca. Shoes and accessories, from Moss. Chair, from Mobiramos.

5 The advantage of furniture with a persianilla door

is that it is easily accessed inside. This combines height-adjustable shelves, to take better advantage of the space, and a drawer module that is used to store socks. Furniture, in 0.37 x 0.45 x 1.40 m and shoes; both of Moss. Boxes and stool, from Casa.

6 Do you have room in the hall?

Replace the typical console with a piece of furniture like this, which allows you to store your shoes when you get home. This closet includes a rack that facilitates ventilation; It is from the PS collection of Ikea. Lamp and vase, from Mobiramos.

7 Convert a library

in an original display to show all your shoes. Protects the most delicate footwear from light and dust inside colorful boxes. To do this you just have to cover them with a paper in tune with the rest of the decoration. Modular bookcase that can be adapted to any space and Toy armchair, both, in La Oca. Accessories, Moss.


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