This terrace is a small oasis in the city

This terrace is a small oasis in the city

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One of the many reasons why we like good weather is the amount of outdoor activities, possibilities that multiply by having a terrace at home.
The protagonist of this report is located on the roof of a duplex with an attic located on the outskirts of Madrid; its generous dimensions allowed to create different environments to get the most out of it.
It has everything: a solarium area with artificial grass, a shower to cool off, a small kitchen with dining room for six people and a pleasant living area to enjoy pleasant conversations with friends

Wall that acts as a railing

In a corner, and protected by the wall that acts as a railing, the living area was located.

It is made up of two sofas with upholstery for outdoor use and a marble coffee table with hidden wheels, which allow it to be moved.The braided resin seats are from Maisons du Monde.


A couple of light hammocks invite you to rest in the solarium area. Between them a side table was placed. Sunbeds by Ikea. Iron table painted in turquoise and with matching tray, of Towel, flip flops and flower bag (€ 25.99), from Zara Home.


When the sun sets, the flickering light of candles and lanterns create a magical atmosphere. Zara Home lanterns, in white wood and brass, with a delicate lacquered (€ 39.99 each).

Smooth or stamped

Smooth or patterned, the cushions enliven the environment with their varied shapes and colors. These are from Andrew Martín, in Pepe Peñalver. Glass and cork vases, from Zara Home.

Construction bank

The solarium area is completed with a workbench with cushions, for informal meetings. The entire perimeter of the terrace is surrounded by countless plants that are irrigated with a drip system. Folding hammock, from Maisons du Monde.

Center table

The floor was paved with a material that mimics wood and is weatherproof. From Zara Home: raw jute rug (€ 159), plant basket and, on the table, wooden decorative center.

Roads and Underplates

The table has been dressed with paths and underplates, as the trend dictates. A fresh mottled blue design was chosen for the dishes. From Ikea: handmade Jassa crockery, glassware, cutlery and textiles.

Mini nursery

On the worktop was placed this mini portable nursery that evokes the simplicity of the Swiss houses. It can also be hung. Ikea greenhouse PS 2014, from Ikea (€ 29.99).


At one end of the table a floral composition was arranged in containers of different materials: wood, glass and enameled steel. White jars Sockerärt, from Ikea (€ 14.99 each).

Dining table

A fixed roof covers the kitchen and dining area, the latter consisting of a table for six people and different seats.

From Ikea: table Ängso in pine (€ 199), with matching bench (€ 99) and white chairs Väddö, of steel (€ 19.99 each) and Vindalsö, of eucalyptus wood (€ 79 each).