Sparkling bathrooms: The washbasin area

Sparkling bathrooms: The washbasin area

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Shelves flown. The upper one is made with wooden slats and the lower one is made of white marble. The two are held by squads below, giving a greater sense of light to the whole set.

Tiled front Instead of covering the entire wall, only the washbasin area with ivory tiles has been lined on a pure white background. This difference in tones creates a very subtle contrast, but elegant and decorative.

Basin type sink. It occupies less than a rectangular or square design and is very deep, more comfortable to avoid splashing.

Table for the sink

In this bathroom we have opted for a table for the sink, with a basket that visually lightens the whole set.

A small mirrored closet, lamp and faucets put vintage notes. White and gray. The colors chosen convey a feeling of cleanliness and cleanliness. In addition, the frieze and the white floor create greater perception of height and spatial amplitude.

Countertop with legs. The sink has been fitted on a small table with polished marble table. The solution is very simple, but very functional, because it allows you to place a large basket underneath to place toiletries or towels.

Frieze of lamas. The socket integrates the faucet and animates the wall. You can opt for PVC or wood slats, and paint them later
with the tone of the coatings.


The sink area has been framed with an arch to highlight it. Good idea!

Color games: Pink and purple. Two trendy colors give uniqueness to a contemporary and minimalist bathroom. The color combination chosen is the differential element. The contrast is harmonious and striking.

Double couples. Duplicity and symmetry add more order and delicacy to the space. This shared bathroom has been equipped with two identical mirrors, two sconces on each side and two identical sinks.

XL furniture. The basin covers the entire width of the wall. It is a solid model, with plenty of space and sober lines, without handles or ornaments. The wood is super warm.

Set of two baskets

Set of two braided baskets of sea rushes, € 99.99, for sale in Maisons du Monde.

Round basket

Round basket of braided water hyacinth with lid, model Liane, € 84.99, from AM. P.M. La Redoute


Striped print towel, € 14.99, from H&M Home.


Single lever mixer tap for washbasin, L90, from € 239, it's from Roca.

Bamboo lantern

Bamboo lantern in two colors, model Twotone, € 14.99, at Casa stores.

Candle with lid

Candle with lid and tassel, with refreshing citrus notes, € 5, for sale in Primark.