Keys to decorate your room with a rustic chic touch

Keys to decorate your room with a rustic chic touch

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From the selection of furniture, to the orientation of the bed through the mirrors and, of course, by the colors, everything counts when it comes to achieving that long-awaited restful sleep. It is vital to choose soft colors for the room, that transmit calm and calm.

Another basic point when organizing this space is to consider who is going to go. If we talk about a couple's bedroom, we will think about a neutral bet, in soft tones and with the presence of smooth and vaporous fabrics, while in a girl's room the Floral prints more refreshing with auxiliary furniture of a feminine nature, such as a dressing table or a screen.

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If you love style country English, with its stripped furniture and Liberty prints, you will love this proposal by Laura Ashley, romantic and super feminine. Bed Somerset (€ 1,075), bedside table Provencale (€ 535), wallpaper (€ 61 / roll) and Lavington Bank (€ 1,280).

Decorate your bedroom with flowers

In addition to flirtatious and decorative, having a toilet corner means dedicating time to yourself. To locate it in an area of ​​the bedroom is a success, provided that it is located near an entrance of natural light and that it is also equipped with an extra light source, a mirror and space for all accessories and cosmetics.

Fresh flowers are another great decorative ally in a female bedroom. Dressing table (€ 1,570), triple mirror (€ 370) and lamp (€ 91) with screen patchwork (€ 59); Everything, by Laura Ashley.

Separate environments in the bedroom

In open spaces or large spaces, resources must be sought to compartmentalize the environments; especially when some privacy is required. If this is your case, try a screen as a separating element to gain privacy. In this bedroom, for example, the rest area is hidden from view by an openwork model of oriental inspiration, which allows the passage of natural light and prevents
prying eyes.

Screen (€ 149) and stool (€ 69). Everything can be purchased at

Decorative details

Add touches of color with decorative cushions like this cushion rock and chic, from H&M Home (€ 9.99).

Decorate and equip the dressing table

Complete your personal shelter with exquisite details. Like this jewelry box, from Zara Home (€ 19.99).

Floral print bedding

The combination of gray and eggplant marks a tendency towards next autumn. An ideal proposal to dress the bedroom with a relaxing effect without sacrificing color.

Model Bedding Mokuren Graphite, from the Designers Guild sales firm in Usera Usera.

Practical furniture and a dose of romanticism in the bedroom

The bedroom is our particular refuge; Therefore, it is vital to organize it in a way that suits our tastes, hobbies and needs. In this case a bookcase has been included, for reading lovers, and from the ceiling hangs a canopy.

Bed frame (€ 449) and duvet cover (€ 24.99); for sale in Ikea.

Decorate the room with soft colors

The calm and the feeling of calm that we look for in a bedroom is given in part by the correct choice of colors.

The natural tones in its softer range and the warm textures given by untreated wood and fibers create environments of great harmony.

In the photo, textiles of the collection Natural Essence, from El Corte Inglés.

Beautiful and functional furniture

Pastel tones bring harmony to the bedroom. Like this armchair in water green, model Ardiden, by Keen Replicas (€ 398).

My jeweler + ECO

Keep your bracelets on hand with this Present Time jewelry tree (€ 25 in