A cozy and functional apartment

A cozy and functional apartment

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Laura, the owner of this apartment, put herself in the hands of the Kenay Home decoration studio to make your home a home. The house faces the sea, a detail that inspired Kenay interior designers to use the color blue (but in a greenish version or mint) in the day zone. The details in coral are also felt in the interior design.

In this apartment, The day area is an open room shared by the hall, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. From here you access the bedrooms. Everything has been solved with freshness and without reloading the spaces (thanks to pieces of light lines). Light tones (white and neutral) and color brushstrokes predominate.

It is a house that is characterized mainly by its practicality, since it has a large open space where the hall, kitchen and living room are located, from which you can directly access the two rooms. Because of its proximity to the sea, we opt for very fresh colors, among which blue predominates, combining with wood, and contrasting with coral tones.

In the lounge-dining area, we decided that the Kude table would be the protagonist, with wooden envelope and iron legs in white, combining it with the chairs Honey in aquamarine with pickling finish.

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With all the light that the house receives through the window of the living room, the environments follow each other in the day area of ​​this apartment: entrance hall, open kitchen, dining room and living room.

The dining room is closer to the kitchen while the living room is located next to the window to enjoy the views.

Aquamarine touches

Kenay Home interior designers took care of the decoration of this house. To enhance the light they chose to abuse neutral and white colors and wood in soft tones. The brushstrokes of color in the living room, in aquamarine, to match the dining room chairs.

Sofa detail

Townhouse to a wall, near the window and with chaise longue. It is a crude color design with aquamarine cushions.

The coffee table (model Lang), so that it did not occupy visually space, it was chosen in transparent glass.

Laura wanted the living area to be very comfortable, that's why Kenay opted for the model Lura of sofa

On the couch

Art! A painting in the same tones used in the decoration of the room and of marine inspiration.

For the TV

In front of the sofa a piece of furniture for audiovisuals (it has specific compartments for electronic devices) and also two storage cabinets.

Clint, for sale at Kenay Home, it has been decorated with a table lamp with the foot in aquamarine (model You see the) and a basket with plants, on the ground.

It is very successful to place ambient light points to create comfortable lighting, especially in the living room.


Detail of one of the closed compartments with glass door of the audiovisual furniture.

The dinner room

Perfect! A varied but harmonious mix. In Laura's dining room, the table is made of natural wood with white iron legs, aquamarine chairs in a pickled finish and two copper-colored ceiling lamps.

Here you can see how the dining room is located next to the kitchen, open to the living area, but delimited through a wall that also acts as a bar.

Table Kude and chairs Honey for sale at Kenay Home.

An original couple

The interior designers opted for a pair of iron lamps in copper, a shade that contrasts very well with the aquamarine blue chosen.

Ceiling lamps Hive, from Kenay Home.

Simple bedroom with details

Highlights the paper that decorates the front of the headboard. A geometric design in soft gray and white. Coordinated with the cushions, also in geometric but in color, the result in very nice.

Two lamps

On the bedside table, a pair of suspended lamps, placed at different heights. They decorate the corner and illuminate the bedroom.

They are the model Uley

The bedside table in detail

Very light, an inverted U-shaped glass design. The aim of the interior designers was not to saturate the space, since it is a small bedroom, and not detract from the role of the wall.

Coffee tables Lang, from Kenay Home.

Personal space

Pablo's, the little one in the house. His room should be fresh, comfortable, childish and functional. It was solved with practical furniture, which left plenty of free space to play.

Already at the door, the garland Words announces that this territory has an owner.


The headboard is painted in white pickling, a technique that allows the blue background to appear, to match the bed textiles.

Headboard Nordik and cushion Little hero, from Kenay Home.

At your height

Books and toys are organized at the height of Pablo on a wall shelf, consisting of cubes and wooden storage houses with colored backs. In the playground, on the floor, a carpet.