Decorate the walls with images that have a special meaning for you

Decorate the walls with images that have a special meaning for you

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A picture is worth a thousand words and if you combine several to form an attractive composition, its decorative value is multiplied. Fill your house with photos; they will make your eyes happy every day, and in passing, your life.

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In difficult spaces like this, with a gable roof, a good number of photos becomes a decopuzle that you will love to look again and again.

Tips to boost the composition: place them on diagonal axes, with alternating vertical / horizontal format, and frames in two / three colors, which harmonize with the deco.

In diva plan

The glamor of Hollywood actresses can decorate your bathroom.

His charisma and elegance is capable of transforming space and almost turning it into a movie set.

Below them, a framed sheet, of the instagrammer Lucia Be, and the ideal detail, with her play of light and shadow, the lantern Gottgöra, from Ikea (from € 10).

Nordic style

A composition of photos like this, so casual, is the deco resource that works to boost, and make more cozy, the Scandi look

The black strokes on the furniture and the carpet are transferred to the white wall to create visual continuity.

Prints, without frame (from € 9.60); table (€ 499); chairs (€ 71.25); lamp (€ 99) and carpet (€ 209), by Kenay Home.

Decorate with collages Lola Home

Five, ten and even twenty photos or more, that reflect those beautiful experiences you lived, can form a collage ideal and with a special meaning for you.

The freedom to create them is total, and they can be combined with illustrations, clippings from a magazine ... They are informal compositions, so go ahead and use tape washi tape, double-sided tape or pins and pushpins to fix them.

Stop footprints on the wall. And if you don't want the photos to leave marks or holes, there is always a solution: a canvas collage, with as many images and texts as you want -see, get a cork in the measures you need and nail them, or put a thin rope and hang them with mini tweezers. Metal grid panels are also in fashion, such as those used in stainless steel. in kitchens, but now in black color.

The plus of style: place a strip of microled battery that enhances them at night.

Another option: a multiple frame, from Lola Home, with effect collage; It measures 43 x 37 cm (€ 19.90).

Oversized portraits

That moment of full happiness captured by the camera acquires all the prominence thanks to large format printing. Without a doubt, a unique headboard.

Works like this can be ordered on several supports: canvas, aluminum, methacrylate, forex ...

Look for options in Fann, Fotolienzo, Hofmann and Pixum.


LIFE IN PHOTOS.On these lines, portable printer Zoemini, from Canon, lightweight, compact and pocket-sized, a perfect accessory for your mobile device wherever you go; It works via Bluetooth connection through the Canon Mini Print application.

Buy it here (€ 139 € 128).

FEATURES.It allows you to unleash creativity with eye-catching filters, augmented reality effects, frames, drawings, texts, or use the mosaic function to convert several small photos into a poster. Print 5 x 7.6 cm adhesive photos with ZinkTM inkless technology.

In solitary

That photo of a professional study session, or the fun you did at home, with an original perspective, deserves its own space.

Accompanied by sophisticated pieces, as here, it will be part of a still life with visual impact.

Framework Auria, 35 x 52 cm (€ 80.75); vase (€ 49.75) and bottle (€ 13.75), by Lene Bjerre.

Stepped Photolini

The wall of the staircase arouses maximum interest with a series of photos. You will get the visual order of this Photolini proposal, if they are all in black and white, they are framed in black and you have them like this: you draw a diagonal axis, like the one on the stairs, the photos are placed up and down in pairs and aligned left or right, depending on its format.

Buy it here Set of eight frames (€ 69.95).