4 Perfect and beautiful bathrooms What is yours?

4 Perfect and beautiful bathrooms What is yours?

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We show you four bathrooms of different style with practical and functional furniture. Take a look and choose the style you like best.

The furniture has been custom made in Carpentry Cobeña. The complements are from Habitat.

Dare with the color. White, natural, blue ... The colors of the bathroom usually connect us with water and cleanliness ... But the bright tones -this yellow- fill the spaces with joy, vitality and luminosity. Ideal for children's toilets.

Washbasins for two. In shared bathrooms, choose a piece of furniture with a countertop for two sinks (width from 120 cm). If you do not have space, it is better that they are round batteries and not larger than 35-38 cm in diameter. The separation between the two: 15 cm minimum.

Balance up and down. If you have opted for a large bass guitar, make sure the mirror is not bulky.

PRETTY AND PRACTICAL. In the basket of Zara Home, rolls of toilet paper are stored. An idea that decorates.

Microcement Finish This coating is one of the most modern for floors and walls; It is also used in furniture. In addition to its beauty, it offers high adhesion and is completely waterproof.

All integrated The furniture of the washbasins, the wall and even the shower
They are microcement, which offers continuity and extends the real meters.

Fake wood floor. It is very suitable in industrial styles, because it heats a decoration that could be very cold. There are countless ceramic floors that reproduce the color and texture of the wood and withstand what they throw.

A GREAT MIRROR. It occupies the entire width of the furniture, but separated from it by a mini tile base.

Furniture with a lot of capacity. A large closet, with numerous drawers and several bodies, is perfect for a large family bathroom. Everything is saved and there is nothing in sight.

Mud soil. They are beautiful and look great in rustic house bathrooms. But they are delicate, so it is advisable to protect and waterproof them with specific products, so that they do not penetrate liquids or stains.

Delicate Details Photographs, plants, sheets with botanical or marine motifs ... These complements personalize the spaces and give them a friendly touch. Use them in your bathroom.

WHITE IN CONTRAST. The dark tones of the furniture are illuminated with the sink and accessories.

From comfortable to washbasin cabinet. Do you have an old piece of furniture that you want to use again? Look at this example: the beautiful bathroom closet was actually a dresser to store clothes.

Aging technique. You will give grace to any piece that you recycle with a worn out: apply a very covering paint (to the chalk) and when it has dried, sand by areas to get the color from underneath.

Mirror with metal frame. The combination of this industrial mirror and a little rough, combines wonderfully with the stripped wood. A ten!


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