10 rooms where the gold triumphs

10 rooms where the gold triumphs

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The dorado resists disappearing, and we are so happy! Because the truth is that In small quantities, it is the perfect tone to add glamor to any room, and in this case, to the classrooms. Let's see them!

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The cacti and the figures of the camels create an atmosphere of the most exotic, and the golden details give it the touch of glamor!

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Can you imagine having tea on these marble tables with golden legs?

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The jewel room

Wherever you look, gold is the king. The coffee tables, the figures ... and even the details of the painting!

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Mirror with presence

Shaped in the sun, this mirror fills a room marked by soft tones.

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Of design

You could say that the lamp is the drop that fills the glass ... of good taste!

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The foot of the lamp and the legs of the coffee table are responsible for making this room look like a magazine! Without forgetting the tray surrounding the vase ...

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From baroque airs, this mirror king size It is perfect for a room where art covers the walls.

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A golden bookcase

If you want to show off books or pieces of art, you need this bookcase in your living room. Awesome!

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Velvet is the ideal companion of gold, and if not, check out the sofa and the armchairs that surround the coffee table ... Isn't it a beautiful set?

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The lower part of the sofa ... The lamp ... Small details that harmonize with a gigantic plant full of character.

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