Closet change now! Say OK to order inside

Closet change now! Say OK to order inside

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The English Court

The first step is to know if you have in the room what you really need. Perhaps, the reason you don't feel like placing order lies in the closet itself. And if you consider optimizing the space you have? Look closely at the picture closet. Shoes, pants, jackets, blankets ... Everything is in place, because there is a place for everything. To make your closet functional, you need a basic structure (the chassis) and accessories of different widths and heights that adapt to the hole. The advice is to opt for custom modular elements.

If you like an open concept, perfect. But if you prefer to have your clothes safely, value the type of opening you want to put (swing, sliding, folding), the type of finish (smooth, glossy, with mirror, etc.) and the colors that best fit in the space and in the decoration of your bedroom.

As inspiration, large interior chest of drawers Bostón (€ 269); Boston closet shoe rack (from € 39.95); Boston high closet interior divider (€ 99.95) and Boston closet shelf (€ 11.95). Everything from El Corte Inglés.

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Once you have the structure for the closet, the second step is to make an assessment of the type of clothes you usually wear and adapt to it (long dresses, pants, sweaters). In principle, you will need a chest of drawers for small garments, high shelves, dividers, baskets, boxes, a trouser ... And, in addition, outdoor storage options for what you decide to keep, and that you do not use daily. If the closet has hinged or folding doors, you must have a free space between 60-70 cm in front of it (so that they open without difficulty and have easy access to the interior).
In the picture, right panorama door in Boston mink glass (€ 399). You like? From the English Court.

Remove what you don't use The English Court

Now you have to face the task of removing from the closet what you do not wear (nor are you going to wear). Garments for daily use, leave them by hand hanging on hangers or in drawers. For accessories and small clothes use bamboo baskets, a natural, light, resistant and breathable material. If your closet has no doors, choose them all the same and with a metallic tone (very topical this season), so that they bring a touch of style to your room.
From El Corte Inglés, rectangular Bamboo Metallic basket (€ 24.95).
It's yours

Take the height The English Court

Do not underestimate it, having space is always a plus. Place in the attic of the closet, suitcases, bags or boxes with the clothes that you will not use until next season, but also leave a place to optimize that height 100% and locate a bar with hangers for belts and accessories (perfect for scarves, foulares, shawls or long accessories that you don't want to fold). It is a very practical resource to have on hand this type of garments, neat and not drag. More practical impossible!
From El Corte Inglés, hanger for belts and accessories (€ 2.95). You need her

Put an exempt coat rack The English Court

If you have a setback in the room or a corner between the closet and the wall you can use to place a paraban. It is a type of discreet and very functional clothes rack that increases the hanging space and helps maintain order in the bedroom. Why use it? For those garments that are in the middle use and do not want to mix with clean clothes, for bulky coats that reduce space to the main closet, like a night gallant ... You will love the possibilities!
From El Corte Inglés: double paraben-rack (€ 29.95). You like!

With covers they occupy less The English Court

Garments that require special care (suits, fur or fur jackets, delicate textile dresses) store them inside a cotton sheath, a natural, breathable and perfect fabric to get rid of dust or the action of insects that attack the clothes (besides the clothes thus stored occupy less).
If you need additional protection against moths, deposit the repeller at the bottom of the bag, not in contact with the textile.
Suit cover with window (from € 11.95), folding box with window (from € 11.95). You want her from El Corte Inglés

The shoes, instead The English Court

For footwear, we have the most functional and modern solution: a low shelf with metal structure and wooden shelves, of different sizes. You can place it inside the closet, although not to reduce space, it is more appropriate to be outside it (in the bathroom, at the entrance, in a hallway). So you keep all your shoes in the same place, protected, and if you keep them in folding boxes or in transparent bags, without unpleasant odors (even so, it is worth adding some type of air freshener for small spaces). This proposal in white and oak, so fresh, practical and stylish seems like a great idea!
From El Corte Inglés, low shelf with three Amy shelves (€ 165). Ideal!

Quilts and sheets? The English Court

The bedding that you plan to use only when you have guests at home, do not have to reduce space to your closet or your shelves for laundry. Do you know the covers saves space with vacuum bag? They are perfect for these bulky textiles, as they reduce their size by 75%. As you can see, they are transparent, waterproof, with zip closure and have a universal valve compatible with any vacuum cleaner. You will love it!
Cover saves space (€ 14.95). You love her This and other sizes, in El Corte Inglés.


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