A classic chic style floor

A classic chic style floor

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Even after the arduous reform carried out in its structure, this apartment still retains intact the charm of the old building of the Barcelona Ensanche where it is located. Its owners decided to renew their image with a more current and practical distribution, which would adapt better to their tastes and needs, although without giving up their historical essence and stately air, since it is a house that dates from the end of the century XIX.

One of the main tasks of the work was to eliminate a large part of the partition walls to ensure that the natural light that enters through the seven balconies that surround the house floods most of the rooms. With this change, the aim was to obtain, in addition, an open, diaphanous space of large dimensions, in which, as if it were an authentic loft, to locate the common environments with a visual continuity. The living room, with the living area located at one end and facing a fabulous Italian marble fireplace, and the dining room, next to an unsealed partition, which is responsible for partially separating it from the kitchen. Only the bedrooms and their bathrooms have become independent from the rest to achieve greater privacy. The owners also wanted to eliminate the false ceiling to expose an iron and brick joist slab that gives the floor an industrial air. On the other hand, walls and ceilings were painted white to enhance the luminosity and warmth was given to the floor, with a parquet of light wood, old-fashioned, with wooden boards arranged in spike. As for the decoration, the eclectic style stands out, with some bohemian brushstrokes.

And it is that the hobby of the owners to track in brocantes of Barcelona and France is reflected in all the house. The old and restored furniture of very diverse origins make any corner exclusive. A closet that once housed drugs from an old pharmacy and chairs from mansions, among others, occupy a prominent position in this house. Finally, the white upholstery and some pieces, such as coffee tables, manage to merge with the clarity of the walls that frame the rooms.

Advertising - Keep reading below Diaphanous room

In the living room, more spacious and bright after removing partitions, three environments were created: living room, reading corner and dining room. In the background, a large opening communicates them with the kitchen. Several lamps and auxiliary furniture purchased in almonedas and antique dealers are key to giving a stately air to the room. On the table of wings, lamp with stone foot recovered from a balustrade, from Otranto.

Seating area

It is organized around an old Italian marble fireplace; Among the classic furniture and accessories, there is a couple of coffee tables, refined and ultra-bright, which was designed by the owners. Armchair, by Carina Casanovas, with blankets from Zara Home.

Classy furniture

The spaciousness of the room allowed to find a place for the many auxiliary furniture that, for years, were acquired by the owners. They are pieces with marked classic style, that harmonize with lamps and vases, and that, in many occasions become the key to delimit the environments; This is the case in this case with the console located behind one of the sofas. Console, by Toca Fusta.

Salon in two zones

The distribution of the house is revealed as a success in this image, which shows that the kitchen furniture is not seen from anywhere in the living room. From the reading corner, only a white sideboard is visible. The extension of the wooden parquet, the succession of balconies and white walls enhance spatial continuity. In the foreground, Louis XVI armchair, acquired on a trip from the owners to Paris.

Custom dining

In the dining room, a chandelier illuminates the table, made by the owners with solid wood work boards. The idea of ​​combining four chairs upholstered in leather, which they acquired on a trip, with two current ones, shows that the fusion of styles enriches the decoration. Carved glass lamp, from Otranto. Silver candlesticks, from Toca Fusta. In the partition that separates the dining room and the kitchen, works by Enrique Brinkmann.

Kitchen open to the dining room

In the kitchen, to respect the movement from the living room and take advantage of natural light, the work area was distributed in an L open to the balcony.

Breakfast bar

To optimize the space, a module that was used for breakfast was attached to the wall that was free.

Kitchen in white tones

The gray marble sink and the built-in faucet in the wall evoke other times of the house. Bell, from Pando. Oven and refrigerator, Smeg signature.

Bedroom in natural tones

The feeling of peace and calm that the bedroom transmits was achieved by resorting to the chromatic harmony between the bedding, in beige and white, and the coverings: white walls and parquet. Below, an aged wooden desk and a golden lamp are a charming vintage duo.

Reclaimed furniture

A closet-shoe cabinet, built into the wall, and a showcase, with stairs, rescued from an old pharmacy expand the storage capacity in the bedroom. Next to the bed, an eclectic composition was created with a comfortable empire, an American lamp from the fifties and a photograph of Peter Beard. Shoemaker and showcase, were acquired in Otranto. Armchair, in María Lladó.

Bedroom with bathroom

The washbasin front is visible from the rest area, although thanks to the distribution of the bedroom, it remains in the background. In front of the bed, a large mirror with gold frame and tuft visually expands the space.

Washbasin area

An image of the corner where the washbasin cabinet has been located, with a countertop and wall-to-wall shelf. It highlights the elegance of the marbles. Sink, faucet and marble frieze, acquired in Otranto. Wicker baskets, from Habitat.