Keys to choosing the best freezer

Keys to choosing the best freezer

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If you plan to buy a freezer, write down our tips to make your purchase a success.

Size. It will depend on the space you have in the kitchen. There are from mini versions for small spaces and people who live alone to bunkers for large families. The capacity varies between 150 liters to 800, but, to greater capacity, more expense.

Energy. Its use accounts for 20% of the energy bill in any home. Hence, before buying you should look at the energy label, which will be at least A +.

Stars Each means a freezing capacity of -6º C. Ideally, fresh foods are frozen at temperatures below -18º C, so that a domestic freezer should have 4 stars.

What is your freezer model?

There are horizontal and vertical freezers and in both cases there are mini versions. The verticals are easy to integrate and comfortable. Bunkers will allow you to save money and go less to the supermarket.

Freezers and accessories:

Integrated freezer

To buy

299 €

chest freezer

To buy

206,89 €

Vertical freezer

To buy

386,69 €

scrapers scrapers

To buy


Bucket bucket with lid

To buy


glass containers

To buy


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