The healthy (most succulent) recipes of a healthy guru

The healthy (most succulent) recipes of a healthy guru

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There are many celebrities who have revealed their passion foodie and his skill in the kitchen. In we look at Ella Woodward, model and blogger of success with your blog Deliciously Ella. He has become a guru of healthy life and his influence on social networks is undeniable. The photos of their very appetizing dishes provoke love at first sight.

And that is what we have done, select our crush of your Blog so you only have to click on the gallery and eat nice, rich and healthy (She has also published a book). In Ella Delights collect the tricks and tips of your vegan diet, yes, with easy recipes and incorporate into the Mediterranean diet. There are sweet, savory dishes, snacks ...

Advertising - Keep reading below Pomegranate, parsley and buckwheat salad

Such a colorful salad! An incredible variety of fresh flavors with sweet pomegranates, orange slices, carrots and a mixture of herbs and spices. You can check the recipe here.

Potato salad

One of Ella's favorite salads in summer. Potatoes, asparagus, lemon, avocado, chives and chives.

The recipe is here.

Pasta with tomato and mushrooms

One of the favorite recipes of this blogger: pasta. It incorporates vegetables and is also an easy and quick dish to prepare. Sauteed garlic, paprika, some miso, sauteed tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach. This is the recipe.

Mango, sesame and quinoa salad

A salad ready in 15 minutes and surprising flavors by the mixture of sweet and savory.

Creamy avocado, lemon to give intensity to the dish, pomegranate seeds, the sweet couple of mango ...

Look at the proportion of the ingredients here.

Pea, broccoli and almond soup

Sweet peas, lemon, garlic, broccoli, celery and spinach ... Click here and get the recipe.

Yaki Udon potato noodles

Potatoes, sesame, ginger, chili and coriander with chives, peppers, kale and mushrooms. The recipe in detail here.

Green purifying soup

If what you are looking for is to clean yourself inside, you have to take this green purifying soup, whose main ingredients are spinach, broccoli, beans, garlic, spices and coriander.

Vitamins, minerals, fiber and vegetable protein. Here is the recipe.

Three types of humus

Basil and dried tomato humus, roasted carrot and chili humus and roasted eggplant humus.

With its crudités and seeds. To snack at any time. This is how they are done.

Kale Sushi Rolls or Vegetarian Sushi

Vegetarian sushi Go get him!

Get the recipe here.

Strawberry tart

A cake baked with sweet flavors and strawberry pieces. You have to try it! Write down the recipe.

Banana and raisin bread

A sweet bread that mixes applesauce, banana and coconut oil. Maple syrup sweetens and raisins make the dough more juicy. For breakfast or snack.


Carrot cake cookies or carrot cookies

Spiced carrot cookies like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.

Do you want to start now? Click here to see the recipe.

Cheesecake and white chocolate with berries

The photo is to eat it and this cake too.

A soft, creamy and sweet cheesecake. Recipe.