A house in the Pyrenees

A house in the Pyrenees

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Advertising - Keep reading below A room with space for everyone

One of the fronts of the room was painted in an intense mole with the aim of heating the atmosphere and highlighting the beauty of the antique furniture. The silhouette of the sofas, upholstered in white, stands out on this wall. Sofas, from Ikea. Pots, from Zara Home and Ikea. Rocking chair, from Vitra. Armchairs and nest tables were purchased at an antique dealer in Barcelona. The desk belongs to the family for a long time; above it, led lamp, from Philips.

Perfect mix of styles

Next to the sofa, instead of the traditional support table was a fantastic old wooden bureau that belongs to the family for years. Red armchairs, acquired in an antique shop in Barcelona.


The house, although located in the center of town, has a large garden with a growing area for vegetables from the area.

The distributor

The design of the stairs is designed to avoid accidents, especially in a house with four children; hence its generous dimensions and the solidity of the steps. Part of its structure also supports one of the sofas in the gathering area. Sofa, by Ikea. Rocking chair, from Vitra. Boskke hanging plants on the stairs. Garland, from Habitat.

The dinner room

In this space, the superposition of styles is amazing and the result, very favorable. The old table and chairs stand out on an elaborately patterned rug and the lighting is provided by the Zettel'z lamp by Ingo Maurer, which was personalized with some children's drawings.

The dining room lamp

Act as the protagonist. Lamp, acquired at Biosca & Botey. Carpet, from Group 13.

A kitchen to be and cook

The spacious regular kitchen is equipped only with low, modern and functional furniture. In contrast, the free wall was decorated with a striking apple green base. In this same line, folk and colorist, some of the closet doors were replaced by curtains made with tea towels in intense tones. Furniture, from Ikea. Tea towels, from Le Jacquard Français.

Details with color in the kitchen

Some curious elements give the kitchen a special charm. It highlights, for example, the typical scale of grocery stores, provided by a village warehouse when it closed, or the old wall panel, today very useful for leaving notes.

A warm office

The breadth of the kitchen allowed to include a daily dining room with retro-style furniture, in keeping with the old sideboard, which belonged to the family. The iron and wood table and matching folding chairs were purchased at an antique dealer in Barcelona.

Master bedroom in the attic

The different environments of the bedroom reflect the eclectic taste of its owners. Antiques of French origin alternate with market pieces and others of new acquisition. The result is an environment rich in contrasts, in the same range and very warm. The bed, the carpet and the sheets are from Ikea. At the foot of the bed, bank, of V Dynasty. Blanket, from Habitat. The dresser is a family souvenir and the bedside table was bought at a street market. Orange lamp, by El Ocho.

Children area

In the children's bathroom, the floor was painted in a light blue flattering. A very successful option since, in addition, it protects the wood and contrasts with the white sanitary ware of vintage style. Sanitary, by Gunni & Trentino. Ikea wooden cabinet with mirror. Stool, Vintage 4p. Cube with blue lid, from Brabantia.

Child's bedroom

Thanks to the location of the bunk beds, lightweight structure, children have space in the center of their room to play. Bunk beds and carpet, from Ikea. Bedspreads with turquoise print, from Zara Home. Cushions, by Gastón and Daniela. Lamparita y lyrics, by Jardin D'Ulysses.

Plane and ideas

- The most successful resource to lighten the attic space, with a marked gable roof and the presence of striking wooden beams, was to keep it diaphanous and with fair furniture.
- The predominance of white on all walls increased clarity and led to relief.
- Another great success was to avoid the partition walls and play with the decoration itself to delimit areas. The space houses the rest area, storage, a work corner, a living room and a bathroom with shower and large built-in dressing room.