These plans will make you very happy! International Day of Happiness

These plans will make you very happy! International Day of Happiness

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Actually, about International Happiness Day It's just an excuse to love and pamper yourself a little more than usual. To you and your surroundings, of course ... Because there is no better therapy than to get together with yours and start smiling! But anyway, we want to give you a lot of ideas to make this day very chu-chu-chuli (as Ralph would say). Let's go there!

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Advertising - Read on below Give yourself a relaxing moment

If you've never been to Arab baths, this is the perfect time. Although we suspect that what you are going to love most is the environment ... Almost, almost, like traveling to Al-Andalus.

Book now in Hammam.

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Sign up for a sushi workshop

The easiest and funniest way to learn how to cook this delicacy of Japanese cuisine. Surely in your city you have a lot of options. Cheer up!

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Go to an amusement park

Amusement parks are no longer just a children's thing, the elderly can also enjoy them! But if you feel like spending the day with your family, why not? Surely you have a blast!

Buy your ticket at Warner Park.

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Take a walk through nature

Forest, mountain ... Choose the place you like best, and start to relax with the song of the birds and the flow of the river!

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Celebrate it with your partner

When the company is unbeatable, the plan is the least! But still, why don't you go to that restaurant that makes you crazy?

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Walk through the sand

If you want to feel free and happy, relax and walk on the sand of the beach ... You will not only be exercising, but also relaxing the mind, and the sea is the most natural anxiolytic!

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Spend time with your pet

Are your best friends, your fans, your unconditional ... So, can you think of a better plan than spending the day with your pet? Surely it gives you a lot, a lot of love!

Go shopping

Let's assume it, the days of shopping They are wonderful (as long as we are not on sale). And even if you only go out to look (and try), you will spend a most entertaining afternoon! Of course, if you do not want to take risks, leave the credit card at home ...

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Cook a cake

Eating is one of the greatest pleasures of life, especially if it is a cake as rich as this. Do you dare to do it? Well here is the recipe!

Change your look

To celebrate the arrival of spring with the mood up, nothing like a good change of look! So you know, leave by reserving time at your favorite hairdresser ...

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Set yourself a 30-day challenge

30 days of happiness, of course. How? Very simple, this cute little box will propose a daily plan to feel you in glory!

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