The before and after of a living room

The before and after of a living room

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"Amparo and his family live in a three-bedroom apartment in Zaragoza. Both parents work partially at home, and do not have any bedroom to devote to office. That way they had colonized the living-dining room with their respective jobs. "With these words Noelia Villalba explains the state in which the interior that was commissioned to transform was found. Books, filing cabinets, a sewing machine or a printer were the elements that filled the space and a computer table had been fitted between the dining room and the living room. A change was very necessary. As there were no more rooms in the house, the interior designer decided to gain ground by glazing a terrace. "After analyzing the space it was decided to make a enclosure to include the small gallery. The objective was to fill the spacious living room with light and create two independent work spaces, "he explains and adds," this area now has good insulation, lighting, many computer sockets, desks with millimeter storage and curtains that prevent annoying reflections on the screens. "

Once the room was cleared, he prepared to make a makeover. Noelia combined the pieces that the owners wanted to keep with others made to measure since "the owners wanted something classic in cherry, but contemporary in their lines, and no standard collection of rooms adapted to their needs." The set finished off the lamps, a new color for the walls, a mirror and the upholsteries. What the interior designer feels most proud of is that she "stayed with the style that the owners had in mind before starting the project."


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This was the challenge that a family presented to the interior designer Noelia Villalba.

Do not mix work and pleasure

The owners work from home and had occupied the living room with filing cabinets, books and computers.


A change of color in the walls managed to give luminosity to the space.

Cherry tree

The owner wanted furniture in the classic cherry tree but they are more current forms.


As no pieces with these characteristics were found, they were made to measure.

Faithful reflex

A mirror in the dining room manages to give more space to the space.

Eat with family Upholstery

The owner had one in mind and the interior designer looked everywhere until she found her.

Details Low bookcase Silver touch Work zone

A terrace was closed to create a work area here and clear the room.

Challenge completed

So was the living room ... Go to the next image to see the before.

Before Before

There was a desk in the middle of the room.