A house with private Eden

A house with private Eden

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The constant search for physical and mental well-being is perceived in every corner of this Madrid house. And it could not be otherwise, since its owners are a chiropractor and a yoga teacher; Therefore, upon discovering this 60's built chalet They decided to acquire it. They fell in love with their lush wild garden and the possibilities of communicating it visually with the interior of the house.

The connection between spaces was achieved through elimination of superfluous partitions, which encouraged the breadth of the main environments. Inside we opted for a warm decoration, with absence of sophistication, but with interesting pieces of wood and details in white lacquer and steel, which provide a correct contrast. The comfortable oak flooring and the painting with a predominance of gray balance the whole. The large windows dressed in screen blinds in order to sift the light without losing sight. Thanks to this resource, interior and exterior coexist for much of the year.

This suggestive connection was the main achievement of the Landscaper Carolina Wiggins who carried out a project inspired by wild environments. His successful project culminated with comfortable living areas and a nice dining room in the garden, all communicated directly with the interior, and designed to enjoy and maintain in perfect condition without too much complication. It is definitely a home created and decorated with a single goal: to feel really good when you get home.

Advertising - Continue reading below Relaxation zone

Taking advantage of the marked step of access to the garden, an area was created in the purest chill-out style. It was enough with a mat and several colored cushions to achieve it successfully. Low wooden tables are the perfect complement. Teklassic side tables made of teak wood. The colored cushions come from Antennae.

Outdoor dining

A wooden pergola covered by lush vegetation is the perfect shade to enjoy a relaxing table in any season.

Outdoor dining room

The teak wood table with matching chairs, pots and utensils come from Teklassic. Striped cushions were purchased at Antennae.

A lounge for the gathering

A square and closed composition that invites the gathering; This is how the living room area was organized, with two facing sofas and an original white lacquer table in the center. Couches upholstered in green velvet, by Cucamona. Coffee table made to measure in Obol. Old chairs from the 50s acquired in Barbarenia. Wooden benches, from Becara.

Communicated spaces

Maintaining the union between environments and respecting the privacy of each one was possible thanks to the open spaces and sliding doors, such as the one that makes the dining room independent. While it remains open, the distribution of the sofas is enough to visually delimit each of the spaces. Upholstered sofas in velvet, by Cucamona. White lacquer table made to measure in Obol.

Contrast Decoration

The full integration of different emblematic pieces gives a unique personality to the room. Notably, the showcase of the eighteenth century, which serves as a bookshop, in contrast to the Eiffel chair, a well-known design by Eames, and with oriental-inspired sidewalks. Eiffel model chair acquired in Modern Times. Benches, of Becara. The old showcase comes from The Theater of Dreams.

Natural dining room

Rustic-style furniture defines the decoration of the dining room; although, to soften the effect, we chose an unusual lighting. Instead of a ceiling model, two flexo floor lamps were chosen. An original photograph stars in an environment with a lot of personality. Dining table in old teak wood, from Batavia. Floor lamps model Tolomeo, of the firm Artemide.

The kitchen

It was the only space in the house that did not require reform. The good condition of its coverings and the correct distribution of the furniture allowed to keep it in its original state. Highlights the granite countertop, which extends to protect the wall in work areas. The kitchenware and brightly colored accessories come from Antennae.

Warehouse in the kitchen

The kitchen, already updated before acquiring the house, is equipped with numerous large capacity cabinets. It has a functional distribution, on two parallel fronts, one for cooking and the other for storage with practical support surfaces for household goods or, as in this case, for the shopping cart.

Main bedroom

In line with the decorative line of the house, the bedroom stands out for the fusion of design pieces with antiques and rustic pieces. Bedside table acquired in Barbarenia. Benches, by Carina Casanovas.

Details that decorate

Personal objects and charming pieces coexist on the bedside table, next to the bed; well ordered, the result is perfect, and the best way to print a special stamp in a purely private space. The bedside table was purchased in Barbarenia. The untreated natural wood bench comes from Carina Casanovas.

The bathroom

The elegance of travertine marble covers all the walls of the bathroom, even, it was used on the countertop of the washbasins. This neutral base was animated with beautiful natural flowers placed in violent, seedlings, vases ... and an impressive large-format photo in black and white.

Plane and ideas

- Being a house of the 60s, the height of the roofs is about 2.50 m. Traditional lighting was not enough, so that adjustable halogens and various points of support light were installed.
- The integration and expansion of environments was the main objective of the works; in some areas they were completely demolished while in others, doorless openings were respected or slides were installed for greater versatility.
- Coatings play a fundamental role; The original floor was covered with a very warm water varnished platform. The walls and ceilings were painted in very light tones as a resource to gain natural light.