A kitchen in blue, white and natural Copy your style!

A kitchen in blue, white and natural Copy your style!

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Blue and wood get along great. Whether it's darker or lighter shades, this color pair is always right. But according to the chosen one, the result - although good - will be different. A navy blue + dark wood (walnut or mahogany type) is not the same as a navy blue + light wood (beech or pine type). In this kitchen the second combination has been used and the finish is magnificent. The panels covering the dashboard and stool stand out powerfully but without "invading" the space.

White and coppery brushstrokes to complement. It is also a good decision to choose the blue-white-wood trio for spaces such as the kitchen, in which order and neatness are required. Together, these colors convey a sense of cleanliness and freshness. The first two remember the sea, the sky, the clouds ... The third adds warmth and natural touches. If, in addition, this palette is seasoned with a fourth color - the coppery taps of the taps, for example -, the set gains (and much) in expressiveness and charm.

Copy the style of the kitchen:

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