Rent on vacation: Tips to save

Rent on vacation: Tips to save

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If you like the feeling of being in your own home and organizing lunch and dinner in your apartment, do not miss the advice we give you below to rent safely.

Plan and compare

He rent of an apartment or house is an increasingly demanded option among those who want to go on vacation without spending a lot of money. With respect to a hotel, it can mean savings of more than 50%. To get a good price, it is necessary Search well in advance. The best, in the first quarter of the year. It's about tracking online and looking at various agencies to have different options.

piggy bank

Run away from the tourist areas and look for new destinations.

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Negotiate the conditions and leave everything in writing

When you have decided, you will have to remember the signal that guarantees the reservation, which will be deducted from the total to be paid. Enter the amount in the contract and request a proof of payment. It deals with the possibility of canceling the reservation and details the conditions of a bond. Before signing, check the inventory and report any anomalies. Ask for a contact phone for possible unforeseen events.

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Safe and smooth

Find out about final cost, many times cleaning, parking or supply costs are not included. Details the way of delivery of the keys and the pay mode. For the reservation, they will ask you between 20 and 30% of the final price. It is preferable pay by card or transfer and verify that the account holder and the owner of the property or intermediary agency are the same person.

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And if you are the owner?

Do you have a house on the beach, town or in the mountains that is empty in some holiday periods? Put it on rent and earn extra money. Your pocket will thank you!

With time. It is important to publish your ad at the beginning of the year. It is on these dates when annual holiday calendars are closed in many companies and accommodation begins to be sought. This practice is very common in inhabitants of central and northern Europe. About 20% of reservations are made before the end of February or the beginning of March.

Take advantage. Your house will rent faster if it shows a good look. Remove old or outdated furniture and furnish your flat for little money, but with style. Publish the strengths of the house, such as the proximity to the beach and highlights the services offered as a pool, garden or security.

According to the law. Find out about the regional regulation on holiday apartments and meet the requirements, if not, you are exposed to receive a strong economic penalty. Always sign a contract that expresses the amount that will serve as proof to the Treasury when you declare income in the IRPF.

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