An English-style country house

An English-style country house

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After crossing the Cornish countryside in the United Kingdom, you reach this adorable house - known as Elysian due to its isolated location in the rural town of Rilla Mill-.

The exterior immediately transports in a storybook, thanks to the overflowing garden, climbing plants and chimney. All that charm continues inside (maybe even more). Original wooden floors, exposed beams and an atmosphere that make the living room feel as if it had been a lifetime waiting for someone to arrive and snuggle on the couch. A white stone wall is the backdrop for an authentic wood stove. We love the couch, placed right next to a wooden window.

For its part, the kitchen seems rescued from Snow White's dream house, with appliances vintage soft green furniture and a window over the sink.

At the top, three bedrooms, each more cozy. In the bathroom, a bathtub that looks so deep that it would spoil any of our conventional bathtubs.

Several corners throughout the house invite moments of privacy to read or reflect with a glass of Cabernet in hand. Now we can imagine what life is like in a place as charming as this.

Look at this gallery, you're going to fall in love. But don't despair because you can rent this country shelter for weeks. Although it is possible to make a warning: it does not include blue prince, so take your own.

and Hooked on Houses. Advertising - Keep reading below Living room with fireplace

A comfortable and cozy lounge. Small measures with several seats to share talk in front of the fireplace. Two different sofas and a chaise longue. On the wall, the fireplace fits.

Direct to the lounge

The house is accessed directly to the living room.

Detail of the lounge corner

Detail of one of the corners of the living room with a cream sofa and, on the wall, a very appropriate rustic decoration.

Stove on the wall

The stove fits into a hole in the wall, whitewashed, with wood around it, ready to heat the room.

The dinner room

Virtually imporvised. The elongated table is attached to a wall and is complete with chairs and stools. An antique wooden cupboard completes the set.

The kitchen

Vintage appliances and furniture in a pastel green tone. On the walls, shelves and showcases to organize the kitchenware. It is a lightweight solution that replaces conventional tall furniture given the low height of the ceilings.

A corner for contemplation

To enjoy the landscape, a hot tea or chocolate or a reading by the window. A table and a pair of chairs surrounded by the charm of the stone walls and beams seen from the ceiling. It could only be the corner of a cottage.

The bedroom

The texture mix enriches the atmosphere in the bedroom. Dark wood for furniture, white on the walls to also lighten the wooden floor, a comfortable and fluffy woven rug and a mirror standing in front of the bed.

Blank but warm

Whitewashed walls. In a niche, the firewood stacked. And very warm bedding for the coolest nights in the countryside.


Wooden floors also in the bathroom. Sanitary ware in white and vintage line. On the wall, the tile covering with black joints stands out.

Main facade

A house hidden among the vegetation. The plants climb and climb and integrate the refuge into the landscape.

Little house in the garden

In the garden, between plants and flowers a flirtatious little house appears to store the gardening tools.

Via: House Beautiful US


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