A charming farmhouse

A charming farmhouse

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Finding your particular paradise was the dream of the Dutch Phile and Maryse Govaert, a couple that usually resides in Amsterdam. After searching for France and Italy, they finally found him in a 18th century farmhouse, near Archidona, in Málaga, and they acquired it. Surrounded by olive groves, they seemed an ideal environment for their three children, Fusine, Phile and Hanke. On the one hand, they loved the idea of ​​being away from coastal tourism; on the other, it allowed them to enjoy the great Andalusian cities, their people, their gastronomy and their customs. The building needed a renovation to make it habitable; they had to perform plumbing and electricity installations, in addition to remaking the roof and changing the distribution, to achieve more spacious stays. Finished the works, They took care of the decoration themselves.

The objective was to create cozy spaces, but not recharged, and respect the essence of the cortijo whenever possible. The interiors of the cortijo stand out for their naturalness. About him polished cement floor in ocher tone, a nod to the Andalusian hostel, they combined natural wood furniture, with other fiber and plastic, they dressed Windows with white curtains, and with cushions and multicolored carpets It gave life and dynamism to the environments. Among these, the main bedroom stands out, for the atmosphere of calm created from a simple and romantic decoration.

Information about this farmhouse and other houses through Villas & Fincas. Tel .: 952 895 139. Carretera de Casares (Casares, Málaga).

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With wood, vegetable fibers and a mixture of bright colors in textiles and accessories, very natural and vivid environments were created. The cushions, poufs and hats that decorate one of the walls energize the decoration. Sofas, green coffee table and fiber poufs, from Ikea. Cushions, lamp with turquoise foot, and carpet, from Berberia. Metal coffee table, from Pantay.

Yesterday's and today's furniture

An old wooden closet prints sobriety to the rustic-style dining room, which is updated with plastic chairs and a maxi paper lamp on the ceiling. Wicker armchairs, white chairs, ceiling lamp and curtains, from Ikea. On the table, yellow fountain, of Muebles del Mundo, where the turquoise glass lantern also comes next to the window. Carpet, from Berberia.

Dining room

A natural wood table that the owners brought from Holland, their native country, is the key piece in this environment, to which it brings authenticity and warmth. Above it, a wicker lamp, which was already in the house and wanted to keep, stands out for its design, reminiscent of a hat. Chairs, from Ikea. Turquoise cushions and bowls, from Berberia. Stool, from Muebles del Mundo, in solid wood. On the table, acquired in Holland, candlesticks, from Point à la Ligne.

Kitchen open to the living room

The kitchen was expanded by knocking down several partitions, to create a more comfortable, functional and bright space. Two structural pillars, which could not be removed, and the arch that joins them visually separate the work area from the dining room. The passage area was decorated with carpets. Lanterns, Furniture of the World. Carpets, Berberia.

Wood kitchen

View of the kitchen with Smeg plate; Gessi and Qooker faucets, with instant boiling water supply. Pots and cloths, from Ikea. Basket with fruits, from Muebles del Mundo.

Countryside views

The kitchen, of rustic inspiration but with current equipment, has a practical access from the outside. Both the natural materials that were used in its decoration and the design of its furniture merge tradition and modernity in a balanced way. Showcase and ladder, from Ikea.

Fusion of styles

After the reform carried out in the farmhouse the rooms were renovated with a personal decoration, which mixes design pieces with other rustic and oriental ones. Under the polished cement pavement, combined with boulders on the steps, underfloor heating was installed. Iron and fiber chair, ceiling lamp, tile-colored carpet and lanterns, from Berberia. Basket, Furniture of the World. Pot and candles, from Ikea.

Vintage bedroom

A boat bed, desk, chair and lamp are charming pieces that recreate the style of a bedroom from other times. This vintage atmosphere also includes the attic roof, the low window and the mosquito net that serves as a canopy. Strawberry pouf, pink cushion and carpet, from Berberia. The rest of the cushions: by Ikea and Gastón and Daniela. Ikea coffee table, chair and lamp. Plush, from Habitat. Babuchas and baskets, from Muebles del Mundo.

Romantic bedroom

A white and steamy curtain hanging from the ceiling and collected behind the headboard becomes a delicate canopy. Ikea's bed. Plaid of flowers, wool blanket with brown stripes, pouf, mirror and bedside table, by Pantay; on this one, vases, of Berberia and Ikea. Cushions: smooth, by Gastón and Daniela; and striped, from Berberia. Straw bag, from Berberia, and with fringes, from Salvador Bachiller, where the sandals also come from.

Bedroom with gazebo

The spaciousness of the master bedroom allowed to create a reading corner, from which to also enjoy the splendid views of the countryside. Ikea armchair, curtains and carpet. Folding bedside table and ceiling lamp, from Muebles del Mundo. Table lamp and pouf, from Berberia; on this one, blanket, from Pantay. In the workbench, next to the window, cushions, of Texture and candle holders, of Ikea.

Natural bath

In the bathroom stand out the flown washbasin cabinet, with stone texture and appearance, and the colorful Arab-inspired details. Furniture and countertop made by Mark Taylor, with the Moroccan tadelakt technique, with lime plaster. Mirror and baskets, from Ikea. Towels, from Ikea and Texture. Jars of gel and cologne, of Texture and Crabtree & Evelyn. Green side table, lantern, candlesticks and clothes rack, from Muebles del Mundo. Chair and bone star, Pantay. Cushion, from Berberia.

Stylish bathroom

With the white of the walls and the absence of superfluous elements, it became a clear space in which to enjoy a good bath, without haste. Bathtub, by Leroy Merlin. Towel, Texture. Painted table, from Berberia. Ikea chair. On these lines, a decorative composition formed by vases: white, from Ikea, and other antique glass; a pink perfume, from Crabtree & Evelyn and a pot of salts, from Texture.


- Use the coatings to achieve visual continuity in all rooms. In this farmhouse, the ceiling was painted white, like the walls, to gain luminosity, while the cement pavement, without joints, offers a natural and warm-looking surface, in addition to having easy maintenance.
- Install heating by radiant floor, under the pavement, this is a wooden parquet or other material. In addition to the advantage of not having radiators, which always condition the decoration, an optimal and uniform temperature is achieved in winter, without “cold areas”. An investment, if you want to improve comfort.