You don't know what to do for dinner? Quick and easy ideas!

You don't know what to do for dinner? Quick and easy ideas!

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If you have run out of inspiration, discover new kitchen accessories to prepare healthy and fast dishes for dinner (or lunch) in a heartbeat and almost without staining. Is about gadgets to steam, microwave or bake and prepare delicacies effortlessly.

Advertising - Keep reading below 1. PAN BAO: A light and trendy dinner

What do you think about bao bread for dinner stuffed with those you can think of? Healthy, trendy and delicious.

It's about making bao breads or steamed buns at home with a steamer. Cook and fill to taste.

Here we tell you how to make the Bao Bread.

You need: a steamer

With this mold you will have some homemade steamed buns in a matter of minutes, in 10 to be exact.

It is a steamer that keeps the bread from getting wet thanks to the perforated base. Thus the air circulates and does not condense.

Buy it here € 15.38 from Lékué on

Ideas to fill bao bread

Think about your favorite ingredients and fill in your bao bread. Vegetable, with pork or veal, chicken, even, tortilla.

Here is a recipe for squid bao (you'll be surprised by the black bath).

And here stuffed with vegetables. Very green!


Ideal for dinner but also for a sweet or savory breakfast.

The secret of this muffin is that it is fluffy and juicy inside and crispy on the outside. Keep reading ... we have many secrets to share!

You need: mold for boiling and baking bagels

With these molds you can boil the muffins and then bake them in the same support until you get your perfect bagel. It's from Lékué.

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Bake the bagels

Yeast, flour, butter ... here are the ingredients and proportions for you to cook.

After boiling them, the bagels bake. To the dough you can add seeds on the surface.

Recipes for colored breads

Surprise everyone with colored rolls, they will succeed at the table.

Discover here how to make green rolls: This is how the dough is made Bagel with spinach.

And here, the recipe to elaborate Red bagels with dried tomatoes and beets.

And fill it as you prefer.


It will be ready in 15 minutes at 600 w + 4 minutes at 360 w.

INGREDIENTS FOR 3-4 PEOPLE:- 500 gr of basmati rice
- 200 gr of frozen peas
- 900 ml of water
- 3 eggs
- salt and pepper
- 3 thick slices of ham

Wash and drain the rice. Enter in the Micro-wok and add the peas. Stir. Add the water, cover and cook in the microwave for 14-15 minutes at 600 W. Let stand 5 minutes without opening the lid.

Beat the eggs with salt and pepper. Pour into the Tortilla-maker and cook 4 minutes at 360 w. Let stand for 2 minutes.

Cut the tortilla and the ham in jinas strips and mix with the rice. Stir and salt and pepper, if necessary.

It is perfect to take alone or as an accompaniment to an Asian style chicken.

You need: Micro-Wok + Tortilla Maker

You fancy a sauteed rice but you don't want to mess up in the kitchen, see what hours! Does this situation sound to you?

Well, the solution is to cook with this micro-wok, from Tupperware, a perfect rice in the microwave in 8-12 minutes.

Buy it here € 44.90 (Micro-Wok + Tortilla Maker) on

Its double lid redirects excess starch and keeps the microwave clean.

Add a sauteed vegetable, a jet of soy and ready.

You can also do the rice and cook an omelet in the accessory Tortilla Maker, also from Tupperware. Minimum 2 eggs and maximum 4 and in the microwave.

If they tempt you, you will just surrender to the charms of these gadgets when you see the recipe books (here).

In addition: Cook and serve always warm!

A container for cooking and serving dinner. Micro-Dual, Tupperware keeps the dishes at the ideal temperature for 90 minutes, thanks to the air chamber formed by the two sources that make up the product.

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