A youth apartment

A youth apartment

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An enriching mix of textures in the structure, added to the decorative power of the spaces, raises the attractiveness of this Nice apartment in Madrid. Located a few meters from one of the main arteries of the capital, it distributes its success between its central location and its well chosen interior design. A house designed to the millimeter for its owners - a young couple - of modern, urban and working tastes.

Their rhythm of life made them sigh for a year.multidisciplinary and transparent environment to celebrate appetizing meetings with friends and family. Premises that triumphed and led to a room open to the kitchen and the hallway, which also had a very eclectic dining room and a complete work area. Two large windows, dressed only with almost transparent blinds, favor integration by providing natural light To the environment.

The private areas of the house - such as the rest area and the bathroom - are located at the opposite end, with access to an inner courtyard It provides light without noise. Thus, the bedroom guarantees the necessary calm at night, reinforced, of course, by a white-based decoration, warm touches of wood and colorful details that provide depth.

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Advertising - Keep reading below A private room

The wall coinciding with the facade was respected as it was originally: in red brick seen. This appearance brings strength and personality to a space that was completed with very varied pieces. Sofa by Dekapé. Root coffee table, from EsteOeste. Picture by Carlos Arriaga. Rocking chair, Vintage 4P.


A careful combination of original work with framed posters and advertising posters and the occasional photograph dresses the walls of the apartment with character and a lot of personality.

Personal corners

A subtle decoration around this small reading area prints a particular stamp on the house; it is personal items and spaces felt as their own that define the house.

The complements

A profusion of nice ornaments, stacked decorative books, colored vases or souvenirs from here and there make up that second decorative layer responsible, in this case, for the rich color and that peculiar naive touch, characteristic of the living area.

Details that mark style

A composition based on diverse elements turns the coffee table, smooth and white, into a decorative focal point. Colored crystals, natural flowers and figures of animals and insects together create an alternative still life. Vases, by Lou & Hernández. Ant, bird and wooden tray, from EastWest.

Resources to unify environments

The integration of different environments in the same space is full thanks to the predominance of the target. The platform, identical throughout the house, also plays a fundamental role. Low table and TV cabinet, from Ikea.

Coordinated Textiles

Carpets, from Berbería. Sofa, DeKaPé and printed cushions, Zara Home and EsteOeste.

Vibrant textiles

The neutral color base of the living area is enriched in an amazing way thanks to the cushions, blankets and carpets scattered throughout the environment; all bright colors and refreshing prints.

Work corner

Behind the sofa and next to one of the large windows, a custom work space was created, with little depth but with a lot of storage capacity. The table and the bookcase were made to measure. White carpet by Ikea. Flexo, by Lou & Hernández. The chair is the famous Plastic Chair, from Eames, for Buskdesign.

Warehouse space

The scrupulous organization stands out, even more, in such a small space. A custom closet in the living room was one of the greatest successes; It has white fronts, to integrate it, and decorative drawings of birds on the doors.

Mix of styles in the dining room

The advantage of circular tables is the ease they have to integrate without impeding the passage. Here we chose a retro air model in varnished wood that blends beautifully with the groundbreaking designer chairs. Reno dining table. Chairs, from Buskdesign. Floor lamp, from Ikea. Vases, from Vintage 4P.


The correct management of the lamps and the different points of light was vital in this small house. Due to its small size, creating suggestive or dynamic environments according to the needs or moods depends exclusively on the varied lighting that has

Cooking space

An elegant textured paper visually delimits the kitchen. The gray melamine furniture forms a U maximized to accommodate everything you need. The sink area acts as a separating bar for the dining room. Paper, from Vescom. Carpet and cloths, from Zara Home. Mirror, from East West. Pots, from Ikea.

Bedroom with naive spirit

Vitality and visual relief define the bedroom, which has a white decorative base dotted with very significant details throughout the room. Stool used as a bedside table, by Lou & Hernández. Wall sconces, from Ikea. White bedding and cushions, from Zara Home. Plaid stamped by EsteOeste. Letters, from Vintage 4P.

In private

Items for personal use, although not considered within the strict decorative field, are fundamental pieces when creating a feeling of intimacy and warmth of home in the bedroom.

The most practical face

When the meters are scarce the decoration coexists forcefully with the functionality creating more dynamic spaces and better used. Here you could not miss ample drawers at the foot of the bed, large capacity. Furniture and paintings, by Ikea.

Color play in the bathroom

If the chromatic base is neutral, playing with the intense tones and the prints in mini format gives a spectacular result also in small spaces, such as this ba. Furniture, from Habitat. Chair, from Buskdesign. Towels, from Zara Home.

Plan and distribution of the house

A well thought out reform
To achieve a feeling of spaciousness in the apartment, all common areas were unified in the same space. The large windows of the exterior facade constitute a powerful source of natural light that reaches from the living area, to the dining room and kitchen.