The prefabricated house of IKEA that you can mount anywhere

The prefabricated house of IKEA that you can mount anywhere

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Building Blocks

IKEA will never stop surprising us. This time, the Swedish firm challenged the young students Johanne Holm-Jensen and Mia Behrens to design a prefabricated house that was economical, sustainable, and could be mounted anywhere in the world with the simple help of a plan.

The project, which was developed in six months in the Space10 laboratory, has received the name of Building Blocks, and will be priced at about 8,000 euros.

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Being a plan designed to adapt to any place on the planet, the previous study of the materials and the design was key, since the climatic conditions that the house can cope with are the most varied.

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But ... is it really so easy to ride? Seems that if. In addition to the plane, you will only need a CNC milling machine. On the other hand, plywood is the most versatile, fully customizable material. And the facade is likely to be covered with other materials, depending on the needs imposed by the weather. Come on, all are advantages.

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