Dress the bed with the right textiles

Dress the bed with the right textiles

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This is how we make the bed. Cushions of different sizes and shapes (the largest supported on the wall and thus in decline), sheets and covers or comforters combined in colors, always some basic in plain and brush strokes in other prints. And a cover or plaid! We set up a princess bed for you in this video.

There are several elements that make a bed well dressed. The main one and that makes the difference: a carpet to step on when you get up. Second issue: bed placement. Do you like this example? A round circular window in the shape of an porthole makes us a headboard. Large cushions, like quadrants, will give you the necessary comfort to, for example, read in bed. And prevents the wall from getting dirty.

Refering to color combination of the cushions on the bed, This is the perfect sequence: first, a smooth one (better still in neutral tones). Another, combining with the bed sheet. The third, matching the countertop sheet or the duvet cover, which should reach the floor. Finally, a cover or plaid in a contrasting color will bring the spark of joy.

Textiles, from El Corte Inglés

Give him play, We tell you in this video of the #CursoDecoracion of how to make the bed the protagonist of the bedroom, dressed for a very special occasion.

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