A beach bar with Balinese beds on Barrosa beach

A beach bar with Balinese beds on Barrosa beach

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Athens Beach

To enjoy a great vacation you don't need to spend 12 hours on a plane. And many times we launch into exotic destinations, without being aware of the real treasures that we can find in our country.

One of those places that enjoy a special charm is, without a doubt, the city of Cádiz. The heat of the south, the joy of its people ... Just for that reason it is worth a visit. But ... and if we told you that we have found a beach bar where you eat and drink movies, is there live music, and also Balinese beds? No, we are not kidding. The paradise in question is called Athens Beach, and is located right on the beach of La Barrosa.

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Imagine cocktail in hand, contemplating the shining white of the hammocks and the Balinese beds, the bright red of the cocktails and the brown of the woods, while your ears are embellished with the sounds of the sea and the relaxing music. It's a good plan, right?

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Author's kitchen
And this beach bar, with Miguel Grande in front - known restaurateur in the capital for being one of the three pillars of the centenary Los Galayos Restaurant - is much more than a good plan.

It has four different areas for all tastes: a restaurant with a super complete menu, a bar to cover or eat at high tables and enjoy their cocktails, the most casual and modern sand area, and the beach club with hammocks and Balinese beds in its most VIP version.

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Art and a lot of party
In addition, every day is a party, since since the sunset there is fun and music. In fact, they say goodbye to the sun with a ritual that is already famous: a singer accompanied by a saxophonist. Then they continue with DJ performances daily and a very top guest poster; but the thing does not end there, because art is also present here ... And it is the only place that has sculptures on the beach combining with the majestic Indian lamps placed from the parking lot to the main area. You cheer up, don't you?

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Athens Beach (Novo Sancti Petri, Barrosa Beach, Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz. Tel. 856 92 51 90. Open every day from 12:00 to 02:30.