Before and after: the incredible change of a bathroom

Before and after: the incredible change of a bathroom

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Sometimes, a minimum change means a revolution. This was the case of reform project of this bathroom. Although 25 cm may not seem like much in a room, moving a partition that distance was just enough to be able to change the position of the bathtub and the toilet and fit a larger sink. The person responsible for this space miracle is Eva, the interior designer at the head of the Study Daniela's Attic that joined forces with the owner of this renovated apartment to rent. "Beyond the evident deterioration and mistreatment that the house had suffered, there was a clear potential that she had seen," he explains.

Once the base had changed, it was time for details. "To have a feeling of spaciousness, we choose clear materials such as the Metro tiles of the bathroom, in white, contrasting with ceramic tiles of hydraulic inspiration," says Eva. It was also important to take advantage of every free space, such as the one in the shower that now houses very useful shelves for storing beauty products. A clear example that, in small spaces, every inch counts.

Advertising - Keep reading below Change everything with very little

Only a partition wall moved 25cm, but it was a revolution in this bathroom, signed by Daniela's Attic studio.


The shower turned, leaving room to move the toilet.

All corners matter

A hole was used to place shelves for beauty products.

Gain space

A larger sink could also be installed.


Hooks in the sink serve as a towel rail.


The mirror with integrated shelves provides more storage space.

Visual amplitude

The use of white makes the space appear larger and brighter.

Mid-rise tile Soil detail

Hydraulic style

The bathroom before The sink before Shower before