A stone house from 1873 restored in the Ampurdán

A stone house from 1873 restored in the Ampurdán

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In Albons, a gironés town located in Bajo Ampurdán, a rural housing At the end of the 19th century it has come back to life through the work and grace of the architect Glòria Duran Torrellas. The stone walls and the wooden beams that gave so much charm to the house have regained their splendor and today they look proud in the sight of everyone. Already from the entrance we can notice the mixture between past and present. In this space, the architect has designed a piece of furniture that acts as a room divider while allowing light to pass through and contains the fireplace. Its minimalist form and finish contrasts with the roughness of the walls and brings a more urban touch. This effect is also achieved by the staircase with glass handrails and decoration, with friendly pieces, cozy textiles and colors that invite you to relax and feel at home. In addition, a glazed interior patio runs through the house filling its interior with light and letting nature make a presence. The mud floors of the upper floors were recovered and a continuous concrete pavement was chosen on the first level.

If after touring it (you can do it in the gallery of images that precede these lines) you have fallen in love, you are in luck, because the property (which has 341 square meters distributed in 3 bedrooms with dressing room, 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, a kitchen with office, laundry area, in addition to having a garden with a pool of 98 square meters) is for sale through Casses Singulars.

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In the town of Albons, an old stone house from 1873 has returned to life at the hands of the architect Glòria Duran Torrellas.

Good welcome

Upon entering the plot, we find a garden of 98 square meters with pool.

All facade

The stones of the facade reveal its past.

First impression

Upon entering we already perceive the objectives that were pursued with rehabilitation: respect the past and achieve the comforts of the 21st century.

Entry seat

The bank is the Noldor model, from ZAGO.


The architect has designed a piece of furniture at the entrance to separate it from the living room.

Permeable border

The metal shelves let the light pass while giving privacy to both spaces. It also serves to contain the fireplace.

Hall entrance Comfort zone

The carpet model Rodas by Gandía Blasco delimits the space.

In couple

The set of low coffee tables are the Stockholm model of ZAGO and the baskets are from Cistelleria Jordi Batle.

Good support

Low table model Pixy oak, by ZAGO

Between cottons

The sofa is the Corino model of Casual.

A turquoise touch

The armchair with pouf is the Fauteil model, blue color, from ZAGO.

General view

On the ground, continuous concrete pavement in situ.

Cistal heart

In the background it can be seen in an inner glass patio that runs through the floors of the house.

Blank office

The table is the Ondarreta Dry model and the chairs are from the Eames (all acquired in Grao).

Minimalist kitchen

The kitchen furniture is ek EGGER W1000 ST9 of carpentry Berbio Fusters, designed by Glòria Duran Torrellas who also signs the glazed patio lamps.

Level up

The house has three floors.

In sight

Going up the transparent staircase, of iron structure and wooden steps, and that is attached to the patio, we access the first floor.

First floor Bedroom

Carpets, bedspreads and cushions from Calma House.

Interior courtyard views Custom dressing Bath Stairs Shared room Sleep under wooden beams Attic dressing room Bathtime Buherdilla Garden view Housing plan