Warm and functional bathrooms

Warm and functional bathrooms

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Opt for functional installations, such as built-in cisterns, which are embedded in a false wall in the wall, and suspended toilets. You will improve aesthetics and hygiene in your bathroom. When the space is small, it is advisable to avoid large-sized and bulky furniture. Choose one lightweight combination of washbasin and shelves, which allows you to have a storage area without saturating the environment.

Advertising - Read on under Bathroom with ceramic floor that imitates wood

Bet on simple white finishes. Tiles, paint and sanitaryware in the clearest range of the palette will visually expand the meters of the bathroom, however small. As a warm note, choose a ceramic or vinyl floor that mimics wood. You can also opt for natural wood slats treated against moisture.Furniture and sanitary ware from the collection DuraStyle, from the firm Duravit.

Ebony finish laminate bath

The beauty of the dark woods brings a warm note in the bathroom. The collection Soprano, by Jacob Delafon, is made with a very elegant ebony laminate. The two-drawer cabinet with progressive closure and a lateral third
includes an integrated 1m wide sink (€ 992.2 approx.).

Work bathtub with space for towels

Study the possibilities of space very well and get more out of it, for example, by placing the bathtub in the background to clear the atmosphere. If there is room to the wall, a good idea is to opt for an integrated piece of furniture and with shelves for towels. They are solutions proposed by Leroy Merlin, with materials and furniture adapted to all styles

Complements and washbasins Esperanto

Thinking about small spaces and daily hygiene gestures, the Rexa Design firm proposes the new line of accessories and toilets Esperanto; in only 96 cm wide they integrate sine and support space to have on hand and in sight the products and accessories we use.

Square acrylic stone washbasin

The beauty of this square support basin lies in the symmetry of its shapes; It is made of Hi-Macs® acrylic stone. An excellent material that offers a non-porous surface, anti moisture and incredible resistance to stains, scratches and wear.

Round basin

For small bathrooms or toilets a round basin of small diameter is preferable; With careful designs like this, decorative success is assured. Is the model Törnviken Countertop, 45 cm in diameter and 14 cm high. It can be purchased at Ikea.

Angled tap

Angle tap Give a greater prominence to your sink opting for a support model with a special design. The Serie Cape cod, from the firm Duravit, stands out for its gently wavy lines and high resistance to shocks. Available in three forms (€ 763 approximately).

Soap dish with handmade soaps

There is always room for charming details. A few handmade and aromatic soaps are the perfect complement. soap holder Brighton (€ 4.99) and soaps (€ 1.99 each), from Butlers