What do you have to look for when buying a bike?

What do you have to look for when buying a bike?

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Sport is a source of health and happiness. The "high" that it produces is due to endorphins, an analgesic generated by our body in the face of pain or anxiety. If you practice it outdoors and use a bike or scooter, keep these safety tips in mind.

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Cycling, equip yourself like this

It combines high intensity with cardiovascular exercise, so it is especially good for the heart. At the time of doing it, get yourself some resistant gloves and a helmet that protect you from accidents. And also with clothes that make you more visible, such as shoe covers or reflective jackets.

Safer: The bicycle must carry a bell, and to circulate at night or with weather conditions that reduce visibility, it must have catadioptric and front (white) and rear (red) position lights. It is forbidden to drive on sidewalks and pedestrian areas.


What is your type? You have ride bikes (urban and equipped like the one in the picture, electric, fixie and folding) and road to train or mountain with gears.

Perfect height. Choose a saddle with suspension and place it at your height. To do this, put the heel on the pedal with the crank in its lowest position until the leg is stretched.

The structure of the bike. It comes in different materials: economic, steel or aluminum (this lighter) and with greater resistance but more expensive, such as those made of carbon or fiberglass.

Choose the right size for your bike. Measure the distance from the ground to your crotch and multiply this digit by 0.21 or 0.54, to find out the size of the chart in inches or centimeters.

Bike maintenance. To grease the chain, apply the oil in the upper part of the links in contact with the gears. Take a full turn and it will be enough.

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SKATEBOARDS: manual or electric?

If you want to exercise, it is clear that you should opt for manual scooters, since they move with the strength of your legs. In that case, equip yourself with a reflective vest to see you, and even if you go slowly, it is not bad to protect the head. In the case of electric scooters, How fashionable they are, we must strengthen security measures, since they reach a considerable speed.

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The use of the scooter electric to those under 15 years.

The normative. Electric scooters are included in type A, with a speed limit of 20 km / h, and type B, limited to 30 km / h. The maximum speed of circulation is between 6-25 km / h. Electric scooters or segways With a maximum length of 1.9 meters, weighing less than 50 kg, you must use the bike lane and on the pedestrian streets you will be allowed to drive along the road. Never by interurban roads. Individuals are not required to carry insurance.

Other outdoor sports

Skating. The traditional one, with skates of four wheels or of line, is a good option to practice it in family. Exercise your heart and strengthen your legs and back. In addition, it is very fun. Skate in specific areas or bike lanes and don't forget to protect yourself with knee pads, elbow pads even helmet.

Running, running. Choose shoes that fit your foot and your weight, always with cotton socks. A breathable t-shirt, cap and sunglasses. And don't forget the sunscreen!

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