Perfect fusion: A bathroom in the bedroom

Perfect fusion: A bathroom in the bedroom

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The interior design studio Egue y Seta was responsible for integrating this room of bathroom in the bedroom. To achieve this he played with two heights, removed partitions and installed glass fronts.

- The bathrooms integrated in the bedroom are super practical. So that more than one person can use it at a time, separate the areas subtly with screens, blinds or half partitions.
- Choose different wall coverings in the same space it serves to delimit some areas of others. Here we opted for a white tile in shower and sink and another blue, in the area of ​​the toilet.
- Details are also important; If you are going to install ceiling lamps, calculate their height so that the lighting is perfect when reflected in the mirror.

Advertising - Keep reading below With two sinks

The toilet communicates with the sink area installed on a lower level. Two exempt sinks with taps embedded in the tile wall rest on a blown countertop. Under the counter was placed a compartmentalized chest of drawers where the bathroom utensils were deposited. The top part was covered with an XL size mirror without a frame.

Integrated into the bedroom

The partition that separated the bedroom from the bathroom was replaced by a fixed transparent glass that facilitates the entry of natural light and by which the shower and the toilet can be glimpsed. The glass was equipped with a Venetian that, closed, hides the bathroom. Blind, Bandalux.

Tile coverings

To differentiate the rooms, the shower area was tiled with white and blue tile from floor to ceiling, facing the wooden floor covering the floor of the bedroom and the sink area.

Bathroom layout

1. Toilet. Under the window the flushed toilet was completely tiled on floor and walls with white and blue pieces.
2. Shower with views. A glass screen closes the shower, tiled in total white. On the other hand, it has a fixed glass that communicates visually with the bedroom.
3. Sink area. A step gives way to the floor of the washbasin area, formed by two exempt sinuses. On the left it has direct access
to the bedroom and to the right, to a large dressing room.