New flavors and fun gourmet dates to enjoy with your foodies friends

New flavors and fun gourmet dates to enjoy with your foodies friends

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Mireia Rodriguez

Different quotes, rich and refreshing flavors, new kitchen utensils ... Aim and do not miss anything.

Advertising - Keep reading below Sierra Norte de Guadalajara

In full route of the black towns of Guadalajara, is the Finca Río Negro Winery, a wonderful environment in which you and yours can meet and Savor one of the most particular wines of Spain. This sensory experience includes a walk through the vineyard, during which they will explain the history and some peculiarities of this vineyard - one of them, its location, a thousand meters above sea level. Then, in the cellar, a building built with slate slabs, you will discover the process followed by grapes from the harvest to bottling. And now, in the underground rooms, you will taste some of their wines. At the head of the winery is the Fuentes family that, for two decades, recovers the winemaking tradition of Cogolludo, a town that for centuries lived from the work of the vineyards.

Snack sunday

Write down this date: May 19. And the place: Margarita Xirgú Square, in the Poble-sec area. Come to her to enjoy an interesting gastronomic offer of international breakfast, brunch and appetizer. But, in addition, you will do it among flowers, because that day "Flors al Mercat" will be celebrated.

The first edition of a market with gastro stalls who wants to grow the flower culture in the city and support urban sustainability initiatives. Between a wine or a vermouth, you will find local florists and artisan works inspired by the world of plants and botany. Before pecking, approach your workshops to recover traditional techniques and update them. Ah! And with live music from Diorama Jazzband.

Flors al Mercat. Free entrance. From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. //

Its time has come! Brent Darby

In the month of May, spring is at its best. Our table is filled with those colors and rich aromas that we have missed so much during the winter. Enjoy the best flavors with seasonal fruits: apricots, cherries, peaches, strawberries, loquats, nectarines and bananas.


Likes secured in your #yummy photos

How social networks have changed our lives! Before, taking out the cell phone in a restaurant and taking a quick look was frowned upon, but today we are distressed if the smartphone It is not within easy reach. It is no longer enough that the food is delicious, now we also want it to be suggestive and have a site worthy of uploading it to Instagram.

If you are passionate about photographing the dishes and sharing the menu on the networks, you will love the proposal of Hotel Barceló Illetas Albatros, in Mallorca. During the summer, your Black restaurant will offer the possibility of dining at the exclusive Instagram Table, a table for two people that has the best conditions to take photos of the food and the environment, since it is strategically located so that it receives the best natural light at sunset and the dishes shine with their own light, without the need for filters.

Reserve now!

Good manners

Did you know that if you go to bed two hours after dinner, you will lose weight, sleep better and be healthier?

Plan a routine change and anticipate the last meal of the day. So you will have free time later to do what you like ...

Candles Dinner Candles, from the firm Cerabella (€ 8.40 / set of 4).

Cook with your little one

Choose the recipe together among your instagramers Reference and enjoy each step, with tasting included. In this silicone mat, with a bear design, you can knead your cookies and put them in the oven.

Buy it here It's from Lilliputiens (€ 15.99).

Ice cream 'cocktail'

Change the way you eat the appetizer with the Mexican handmade proposals of Lupita Paleta, with different types of alcohol (€ 2.95 each).

Message in a Bottle

The Finca Museum winery has released its new Vinea Rosado 2018, which opens with a renewed look: messages on the fundamental aspects in the elaboration of this bright and luminous wine (€ 7) are reflected in an old strain.

Artisan flavor

Tundra, by Nomad Brewing, is a bright, slightly acidic golden beer with a strong fruity touch of apple, pear and peach. A delight! (€ 4).