The funniest Instagram meals

The funniest Instagram meals

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Cooking is an ideal therapy to encourage creativity, and if not, tell them to these Instagram accounts! Dolls, animals ... Everything you'll see here is as cute as it is adorable. We start

Advertising - Keep reading below Avocado babies

We know. You just fell in love just like us, and it is not for less. Infinite heart emojis!

Instagram: Vickie Liu

Bambi in the soup

And if instead of eating it, you freeze it and frame it? Ok, maybe it's a bit of an exaggeration, but you won't say it's not pure love!

Instagram: Ming

Mix animals

Macarons of pigs, chickens and monkeys. You will not know which one to choose!

Instagram: Melly Eats World

To the bartola

Literally, a toast with a teddy bear napping. How do you stay?

Instagram: WanwanTea

Presumed Cacti

The fashion plant arrives in the form of a cookie and very feminine!

Instagram: Vickie Liu

Hello Kitty

Speaking of adorable little animals, the famous Hello Kitty could not be missed. Simply fantastic!

Instagram: Susanne Ng

For Pokémon addicts

If you were wondering if the Pokémon phenomenon is still in fashion, the answer is in these cupcakes.

Instagram: Vickie Liu

Halloween sushi

No ideas for Halloween dinner? This themed sushi is terrifyingly delicious!

Instagram: WanwanTea

Loving bear

We have it! We have found the authentic love bear, and it is a cake.

Instagram: Susanne Ng

The Winnie the Pooh Gang

If you or your little one loses Winnie the Pooh and his friends, these donuts are the perfect whim to overcome nostalgia.

Instagram: Vickie Liu

Bulbasaur with rice

Yes, there is a pokemon in the rice, and it looks very healthy!

Instagram: Jean

A very sweet ice cream

It is so beautiful that it is sad to eat it!

Instagram: Susanne Ng

Baked bears

Do you fancy some chocolate bears fresh out of the oven?

Instagram: Jessie

Smiling sushi

Probably the most adorable sushi you've ever seen (and tried) in your life.

Instagram: WanwanTea

Disney Villains

The Halloween dessert will be the most original with these bad bad Disney cookies.

Instagram: Disney Food

Minions to attack

If you are a fan of the adventures of the Minions, these fritters will conquer you to the voice of now.

Instagram: Michelle Lu

Cheese and sausage shirts

Who could sleep in such a delicious bed without wanting to take a bite?

Instagram: Little Miss Bento

Macarons version

Whether you're a Hello Kitty fan or not, these macarons are too pretty to ignore.

Instagram: Melly Eats World

Din Don Salad

If you don't like vegetables, try this salad with the face of Din Don.

Instagram: Ming

Oreo bears

The funniest transformation of Oreo cookies are these expressive bears. Which one do you choose?

Instagram: WanwanTea