10 Tricks to keep the kitchen perfect

10 Tricks to keep the kitchen perfect

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The new trends place the kitchen in the nerve center of family life And social; It is the place par excellence where we meet to chat, have a snack or have a coffee, where the little ones do their homework, or where friends inevitably end up chatting at informal meetings. For all this, its presence must be impeccable at all times, without traces of grease or dirt and, of course, very well disinfected. To achieve the best results, you should know how to clean each material and even some homemade tricks much more effective and natural than chemicals. We tell you in detail.

Advertising - Keep reading below The cabinets as new

The furniture fronts The kitchen is easily greased so it is advisable to review the doors, at least once a week, with a cloth dampened in water with vinegar - it is degreasing and disinfectant. Then it is recommended to rinse the surface with water to eliminate the smell. To make the handles shine, it is better to use a brush that reaches all the recesses well and dry them with a suede to make them shine. Kitchen of El Corte Inglés.

Furniture in order

The inside the cabinets It is also very important. On the one hand it does not hurt to empty them regularly to remove that in poor condition or that no longer serves us and take the opportunity to clean them. The mixture of water, detergent and lemon juice as a household cleaner works very well. Once clean it is preferable to leave the doors open a few hours so that moisture does not accumulate. Furniture, Of saints.

Take care of the fridge

Inside the fridge disinfection is essential therefore it is vital to empty it once a month and clean it thoroughly. Vaporizing the walls with a mixture of baking soda and water will help drag dirt and neutralize odors. If any undesirable blunt persists try leaving a bowl of charcoal inside. Fridge, from LG.

A wooden countertop

The natural elegance and beauty of wood is irresistible in the kitchen whether we like the rustic style or if we love the design. Your care is very basic but necessary: the cleaning will be with soap and water but without excessively moistening the surface; stains should be removed as quickly as possible and protect the surface with a covertor to avoid scratches. Faucet, from Grohe.

Synthetic surfaces

The great advantage of Synthetic materials It is their malleability and scratch resistance, not to mention the infinite finishes they offer. When cleaning countertops of this material it is important to avoid solvents or very strong products that could damage them. It is preferable to bet on a neutral detergent. Kitchen, from Ikea.

Rekindle stainless steel

Faucets and sinks Stainless steel tends to pale and mattify its original shine over time because of the use and lime of the water. Recovering it is possible if you leave them impregnated for a few hours with a mixture of vinegar and water or even make a paste with baking soda and vinegar if the dirt is very embedded. Tap, from Grohe.

Perfect tableware

Smells usually invade dishwashers if not cleaned properly; poor care will also affect the cleaning of dishes and glassware. The problem is the accumulated lime; To remove it once a month put a bicarbonate wash instead of detergent. Dishwasher, from Zanussi.

Impeccable oven

The internal walls of the oven accumulate fat in a jiffy; to remove it, the best thing is with the hot oven by passing a cloth soaked in baking soda. If there are any remains, rub with salt. Oven Y microwave oven, from AEG.

Cooking zone

Depending on the type of plate that we have at home we will opt for a cleaning mode. If it's about ceramic hob or of inductionFor example, you will have to use a specific product for it by rubbing with a paper towel or a special scraper that does not scratch. If it's from gas it will be advisable to submerge the burners from time to time in half a liter of very hot water with vinegar and two tablespoons of bicarbonate to eliminate the obstruction of the gas outlet.

Smoke free kitchen

The extractor hood filter is where dirt accumulates most. Before cleaning, soften the fat by boiling water with lemon juice. Next, disassemble the filter and let it soak with a mixture of vinegar and hot water. If it is a metal filter you can put it in the dishwasher. Bell extractor, from Pando.