A bright white minimalist triplex penthouse

A bright white minimalist triplex penthouse

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Today, from its windows you can see Bellver Castle, one of the few fortifications of the Gothic circular plan that remains standing in Europe, but, before being rehabilitated, the lousy state in which this house was located was the one that attracted all the looks. Those responsible for carrying out this radical change have been María Martín K and Pablo Hernández, the duo that makes up the study, who explain that “the main objectives were to provide space to the spaces, to give prominence to the northwest light and enhance the beautiful views ».

They got what they were looking for using the white microcement, with which they have covered the floors of the whole house and the walls of the kitchen and bathrooms, creating a cyclorama effect between them. The few color notes can be found in the small furniture and in the Mallorcan pine wood with which the doors and the steps of the spiral staircase that runs throughout this triplex, distributed in dining room and kitchen on the first floor have been manufactured , a bedroom with toilet in the second and a bathroom and a multifunctional studio with terrace in the last.

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Upon entering this attic the first thing that attracts attention is the large, white and diaphanous space, shared by the kitchen and dining room.


In the reform, the architects of the studio covered the floors of the whole house with white microcement.


In this white container stands the spiral staircase that joins the three floors of this house.

Minimalist bedroom

On the second floor we discover the bedroom.

Plastic work

The works of art of the house are by the architect Marisa Martín K, also responsible for the reform. In the background, behind a sliding pine wood door, the toilet.

White bathroom

View of the bedroom toilet.

Spiral staircase

The walls of the stairs have been covered with a wallpaper of Gancedo. The steps are made of Majorcan pine wood.


On the top floor, a full bathroom and a multifunctional space.


The aesthetics of the interior have continued on the terrace: minimalist and white.


From the terrace you can see Bellver Castle, a jewel of European Gothic.