12 Improvements for your bedroom that will help you sleep like a baby

12 Improvements for your bedroom that will help you sleep like a baby

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The bedroom should be the most cozy space in the house, after all, it is where you rest and recharge energies to be able to aphrogate every day. But small things, such as light pollution from the outside, background noises or even the colors of the walls or furniture, or how the room is decorated, can affect the quality of sleep. It is important that she be pretty, yes, but more than help you have a good night's sleep. These improvements will help you relax at the end of a long day and sleep as well as possible. And they are quite simple solutions.

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Dark curtains Getty

The light entering your room from the outside can affect the
Sleep quality, so it is important in addition to turning off the lights, prevent the entry of street light (sunlight or night lighting).

A simple way to keep the room dark while you sleep is to use blackout curtains like these from Amazon. Available in more than 20 colors and in seven different sizes.

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2 Ambient lighting

White, cold and bright lights before bedtime can make it harder to fall asleep. You should dim the lights when you are preparing to sleep, a
Warmer lighting will help you.

If you change the normal bulbs for dimmable ones,
as the starter kit Philips White Ambiance It will have more control over the exact light you need at all times, both brightness and temperature.

To buy Kit of 4 LED bulbs, 163,14 €

3 Avoid disruptive noises Getty

Amazon Echo It is surprisingly useful when it comes
to achieve the best dream, thanks to its ability to
Play ambient noise all night to block background noises. White noise helps when you can't eliminate other sounds, as it allows the brain to cover those noises with ambient sound. If you don't have much space, you don't need to invest in a separate white noise machine, just ask Alexa Play ocean sounds (or whatever you prefer) before falling asleep.

To buy

4 Use a diffuser with lavender oil Getty

Lavender is ideal to help you fall asleep: it has been shown to decrease heart rate and blood pressure, which puts your body in a more relaxed state to fall asleep. There are many ways to incorporate lavender in your sleep routine and in your bedroom, such as using lavender essential oil with a diffuser. This diffuser will add a little style to the bedside table and fill your room with a subtle lavender scent.

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5 Maintain order Getty

It is known that sleeping in a messy room can also affect the quality of sleep. The good thing is that it has an easy solution: you don't have to become a super-organized person if it doesn't go with you, but you can invest in stylish storage options that will help you keep things out of sight, and out of mind.

Try to keep the night table as clear as possible, placing books and other items in a basket like this.

To buy Folding basket made of marine reed and hand woven, € 6.74 6 Add texture Getty

Surely you have heard about the psychology of color, and you will know that the bright colors in the bedroom are not calming. You must opt ​​for soft and muted colors. Therefore, when decorating your bedroom, use neutral colors and add interest with textures.

The soft wool and fringed edges of this blanket is a great idea for the decoration of the bedroom: it is dull in color but adds extra comfort feeling to snuggle under.

To buy 100% cotton Knit Blanket, € 22.65 7 Put a plant in the bedroom

Putting freshly cut plants or flowers can have many advantages, in addition to the beauty they add to the decoration. They add a touch of color without altering the serene and balanced color scheme. Try decorating your bedroom with some plant or, if you don't have a hand for gardening, buy yourself a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. You can even subscribe to a flower delivery service like the one offered by FloraQueen.

8 Change the mattress Getty

Most mattresses have a lifespan of approximately 8 years, so if yours is more than that, it is time for a renewal. The mattress you buy affects sleep a lot, so look for something that is comfortable for you but also takes care of the posture.

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9 more resistant pillows

What size is your pillow - standard, queen, or king?

A shared publication of Coop Home Goods (@coophomegoods) on Jun 15, 2018 at 3:57 p.m.

Another change you should make, and probably more often than you think, is your pillows. Doctors generally recommend changing them every two years (the most important thing is to hold your neck correctly!)
Try these Coop Home Goods pillows. Stuffed with crushed foam with memory, adjustable in any position where you sleep, and provide better ventilation to keep you cool while you sleep.

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10 Make the bed Getty

You may think that making the bed is not important, but it can actually affect sleep. This idea is linked to the idea that you sleep better if the bedroom is tidy.

If you are lazy to make the bed, it can cheer you up if you had beautifully designed bedding that you would like to enjoy (and show off), it's just an idea ...

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11 Warm bedding Getty

Temperature is very important to help fall asleep, both in the room and body temperature. So in addition to keeping the room at an ideal temperature you should wear pajamas that keep you warm enough to feel comfortable but that does not make you sweat.

The comforter All-season for all seasons it is a great
option to regulate your body temperature all year. It is made with cotton thread Hygro, which means it is designed to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

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12 Leave the mobile phone outside the room Getty

Surely they've told you a thousand times, but it's worth it
repeat it: using electronic devices such as your mobile phone or computer before bedtime can seriously affect your
dream. The blue light they emit can interrupt their circadian rhythm. It is best that you stop using them for at least an hour
before going to bed, and leave your cell phone in another room when you go to bed.

If you use your phone as an alarm, get an elegant alarm clock, like this one in retro red.

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