Five plants that can help improve the air quality in your home

Five plants that can help improve the air quality in your home

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That you do not see pollution inside your home does not mean that there is none. In a recent study, researchers analyzed eight volatile organic common compounds (VOCs) - potentially harmful compounds found in paint, cleaning products and other common household items - and plants are excellent for absorbing these compounds through of its leaves and roots. These are the five plants that the study showed that they better absorbed those VOCs.

Advertising - Keep reading below The Jade Plant

This succulent is not only pretty to look at. The researchers also found that it surpasses others in terms of removing toluene, which is found in paint thinners, lacquers and adhesives. Jade killed 91% of the contaminants in a 12-hour sampling period.

Getty / Eyeem

Spider plant

The chemicals found in items such as ink or rubber are not a problem for her. The spider plant, which owes its name to its shape, was the best by eliminating ethylbenzene (62%), p-xylene (92%) and o-xylene (93%) in the air in a 12-hour sampling period.

Getty / Lynne Brotchie


This plant is more than a pretty face. Not only is it the most effective in removing pollutants in general - it ended with more than 80% of six of the eight compounds - but also eliminated in 92% benzene, a gas found in tobacco smoke.

Getty / Simon Wheeler Ltd.


All the plants were great allies in the elimination of acetone - the chemical found in nail polish removers - but the dracaena was the one that did the best. He eliminated it by 94% in just 12 hours.


The Caribbean Cactus

And we believe that the cactus could not be cooler ... The Caribbean cactus eliminated all these VOCs from the air: 80% p-xylene, ethylbenzene and acetone and toluene, 60% o-xylene and benzene.

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