You have to see these Christmas rooms

You have to see these Christmas rooms

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Classic, golden, rustic-chic, minimalist ... There are rooms of a thousand types, and the same goes for Christmas decoration. So you know, check out the photos and choose your style ... Ah! And don't miss our Christmas special.

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This is really Christmas luxury. And the puppy? We also have it!

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A style table raw, a dusty blue sofa, golden ornaments ... Everything in style!

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Decorate the fireplace

Essential. If you have a fireplace in the living room, you need to decorate it yes or yes. A wreath and several candles always work!

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Classic red

Velvet is a trend, and a red sofa will be beautiful with your Christmas decoration.

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Ingenious solutions

That there is no room for the tree? Well it gets on the wall! It will be for solutions ...

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A room in gray and white range needs a tree with silver ornaments. Pure elegance!

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Christmas green

In addition to putting the tree, a few seedlings will contribute to create a most natural room.

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Winning combination

Red and gold, two traditional colorsfor a most nostalgic room.

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Apart from the fireplace, ornaments in golden tones will bring warmth to your living room, and it will be very chic!

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Black and white

If monochrome is your thing, choose a tree with white ornaments and a wicker stand to give it a rustic-chic air.

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