These plants do not eat, but decorate the kitchen that gives pleasure

These plants do not eat, but decorate the kitchen that gives pleasure

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One, two or ten. You can have the plants you want, but the important thing is that you use them. Why? Because besides being beautiful they will give life to one of the areas where you and your family spend more time. Write down ideas!

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Reserve a corner of the kitchen to create your own botanical garden. It will be beautiful!

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Plant wreath

A simple and beautiful way to decorate with plants is to place several pots on a hanging shelf. In addition, you will save counter space!

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An open kitchen with such space and ceiling height is perfect to accommodate a lot of plants. Do not cut yourself!

Look at the rest of the house here.

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Rustic charm

The green color extends to furniture that plays with the old and the new in a totally rustic environment. Pure harmony!

Look at the rest of the house here.

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Subtle detail

Sometimes a single touch is enough to achieve the desired effect. Here, the kitchen vase links to a porch full of plants.

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The best complement for a rustic-chic style kitchen? The plants, did you doubt it?

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Dual function

If you have open shelves in the kitchen, combine the dishes with seedlings and you will see how cool.

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Between tiles

A kitchen in wood and white color urgently needs to be filled with plants. Doesn't it look great?

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Vintage airs

A closet so sweet and vintage It has to be surrounded yes or yes with seedlings.

The kitchen belongs to the house of Dr. Livinghome's blogger, María Vázquez, and you can see it here.

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Plants with presence

It is beautiful, but this kitchen with integrated dining room would not be the same without the beauty that the plants bring, don't you think?

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