10 IKEA hacks to customize the BEKVAM stool

10 IKEA hacks to customize the BEKVAM stool

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Advertising - Keep reading below First thing, the stool

BEKVAM has become one of IKEA's favorites, and although it may seem like a simple wooden stool with a step, it is actually much more than that.

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A table for children to watch television

Sometimes you need to distract your children to be able to do other tasks at home. The solution? BEKVAM is the perfect size for children to feel and also use it as a table. Two in one!

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A toy kitchen

Playing kitchens has never been so much fun! It is as simple as painting the black steps and drawing a stove at the top. Add some utensils and ... ready!

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A superchic bedside table

Such a simple piece will save you from disorder. The lower part is ideal for placing your books, and on the top you can put the lamp, the clock and, why not, a pretty flower.

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Extra kitchen chairs

Keep two pieces under the table in case you have more guests than you expected. You never know!

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A craft table for children

This stool is the perfect size and price to become your children's creative space. And you won't have to worry because paint falls, it may even be more artistic!

Photo: Lovely Design

A staircase for the library

If you have a lot of children's books and you don't know what to do with them, putting them upright will help you save space. Of course, use the stool to make sure your children reach everyone without a problem.

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Side table

Do you need a place to put drinks in the lounge ?, or maybe a space to display your succulents? BEKVAM is the perfect solution for both cases. In addition, you can paint it to match the color of the area.

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An impromptu toy car

Do you remember those moments when your child wants a toy that he doesn't have? Well, this is the perfect piece to develop creativity. Here, for example, a mother managed to create an original car using a cardboard bag.

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Magazine shelf

If you have more magazines than you can store, use this stool to place them in order and in sight.

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Dual use bathroom storage

While your children do not reach the sink, use this stool to help them. But you can also use it to place towels and a stylish vase, and make your guests feel at home.

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