A boho-chic bedroom

A boho-chic bedroom

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From Benidorm, our reader Pilar has sent us to the community @ photos of the new decoration of her bedroom. "The biggest change was the headboard wall, which we covered with broken white painted wood and that forms different volumes," he explains. A good way to give character and texture to a wall without reloading the set. On it has hung a carpet of fibers that acts as a headboard, giving a bohemian touch, and that has combined with a soft bedspread, two trunks as a bedside table and a pair of lamps hanging from a structure. The color palette has been restricted to white and wood, with light turquoise brush strokes on textiles and accessories and touches of vegetation.

But without a doubt, what we like most is Pipi's little house, his lovebird, which appears fluttering around the room in the images that precede these lines. "I think Pipi has loved it," Pilar confesses. U.S. too.

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Pilar shows us the new decoration of her bedroom, in style boho-chic


As a headboard he has used a carpet of natural fibers and the lamps are light bulbs that hang from wooden squares.

Loyal partner

This is Pipi, the lovebird that shares a bedroom with Pilar.

Different tables

One of them is a white and wooden chest of drawers, the other, two stacked brown trunks.

Storage capacity

Next to the bed, a built-in wardrobe with white glass doors.

Serene colors

Very soft white, brown and blue tones.

Your shelter

Hanging on the wall we can see Pipi's little house.

Look at the little bird

Pipi watches us from his little house.


At the entrance, two large mirrors resting on the floor.


The same wood was chosen for the envelope of the dresser and for the little house of the lovebird, thus obtaining a visual cohesion.

A lot of light Galán by night

Next to the dresser, a wooden coat rack perfect for preparing clothes for the next day.