You don't have an Art Zone at home yet?

You don't have an Art Zone at home yet?

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Painting, sewing, crafts ... Whatever your passion, a Art zone It will give you the privacy and calm you need to carry out your artistic tasks.

And as we know that the environment is important ... we will show you ten proposals to find the corner arty of your dreams!

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Dalí, Picasso ... Everyone had a painting studio where they created the wonders we know today ... So, why don't you?

Pinterest: Diego Francisco Bermúdez Medina

Sewing area

Are you passionate about fashion and sewing? Well there is nothing like having your own room to get to work with that sweater that brings you upside down ...

Pinterest: SmileKre

In a loft

If painting is your thing, then you will know that it is best to have a study with natural light, and a loft is perfect to get it!

Pinterest: Pum Pum Project


Who said a paint shop could not be chic? If you have even golden details!

Pinterest: Michelle Anderson

All in order

Artistic creations involve a lot of chaos around, so when we think about the study of a painter, we imagine it full of canvases and brushes scattered everywhere ...

But in order not to fall into madness, we recommend you to put order in the room every time you finish your work, so the next day it will be easier to find everything.

Pinterest: Tirade 13


Let the paint stains not confuse you, because in reality, everything is in perfect order! Of course, decorated with a lot of art.

Pinterest: Pau León

With plants

give to you Art zone An environment boho filling it with seedlings, and you'll see how calm it is!

Pinterest: Clever Bloom


A table, a chair, a lamp, several drawers and two colors: black and white. Art zone list!

Pinterest: Miriam Andersson

With charm

Can you imagine the paintings that will have been painted in this cozy studio, while the artist admired the views of the city from these huge windows? What envy!

Pinterest: Marce B

Safe paintings

If you appreciate your paintings, this method is great to keep them safe from knocks and damage.

Pinterest: Leslie Klein