The 10 best Tripadvisor houses where you can stay

The 10 best Tripadvisor houses where you can stay

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Summer is the ideal time to enjoy a well-deserved vacation, but hotel prices rise like foam. TripAdvisor recently published the winners of its Second annual Traveller's Choice Award, and these 10 rentals triumphed in the "affordable" category. But that does not mean that they are low cost: They offer excellent services and incredible views. If you want to go to an exotic, romantic or adventurous place, you will surely find something on this list.

Advertising - Keep reading below 1 Rome, Italy Tripadvisor

Get inspired by these headboards: shelves on book shelves. This two bedroom apartment is very well located between the Colosseum and the Termini train station.

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2 Ragusa, Italy Tripadvisor

We can't think of anything better than a house, literally, a few steps from the sea in Sicily. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, so it will comfortably accommodate your whole family or a group of friends.

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3 Devon, England Tripadvisor

We don't always have to earn from cooking on vacation, but this beautiful kitchen would help us. Plus: it has stunning sea views.

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4 Branson, Missouri Tripadvisor

This apartment sleeps up to 8 people and has many amenities in the complex. Enjoy its 5 swimming pools, a games room, gym, barbecue area, recreation center, basketball court, massages and more.

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5 Goa, India Tripadvisor

If you have always dreamed of traveling to India but you fear prices, visit this two-bedroom house in Goa. It is close to world famous shops, markets and beaches, and is very affordable.

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6 Yorkshire, England Tripadvisor

Live your own version of The holiday in this lovely cottage English.

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7 Pereybere, Mauritius Islands Tripadvisor

The exotic vacation of your dreams can be a reality. When you see how cheap this 'refuge' is in the Indian Ocean, you will look for the next flight.

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8 Birgu, Malta Tripadvisor

Fans of Game of Thrones, this is your chance to visit Kings Landing… in, Malta.

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9 Ramelton, Ireland Tripadvisor

This romantic log cabin has its own lake for fly fishing. There is also a hot tub overlooking the lake.

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10 Kauai, Hawaii Tripadvisor

Imagine waking up with these views every day. You may never want to go home and, honestly, we cannot blame you.

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