Tips for traveling with your pets

Tips for traveling with your pets

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The holidays are here. And surely you want to make a getaway with your pet. Have everything ready and enjoy!

A dip in the sea with your dogs

Check the beaches enabled to go with dogs and their regulations. Before leaving, prepare a backpack with your papers, your drinking fountain, water and a toy. Put it in the shade and don't lose sight of it when it comes to getting into the water. Back home give him a bath to remove the sand.

There are several pages like where you can find the beaches where you can go with your dog and swim together, or the campsites or hotels where you can stay together.

A trip of the most fashion

Those yes, if you have a small dog or cat (or cimilar ...), get a travel bag, with case, hanging strap and safety carabiner like this one Hunter Hunter pet bag € 65.00 Buy

Happy journey!

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