A peculiar house in the countryside

A peculiar house in the countryside

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Surrounded by mountains and overlooking the town of Sóller, in Mallorca, the construction of This peculiar house does not respond to the traditional canon of the houses on the island. Perhaps it is given by the elements of art noveau style that can be seen both outside and inside. While the facade was intact, at the express wish of its current owner, a deep modification was necessary inside to adapt it to the new needs of the family.

The space, which was once excessively compartmentalized, now houses spacious and vented environments. On the ground floor the most used rooms were grouped: the living room or living area, the kitchen with office and the master bedroom, where a spectacular bathroom was integrated as a private spa. In it, both the pieces and the structural elements distil a sculptural air. Meanwhile, the upstairs was reserved for the guests - who in summer usually visit the family - and in the basement, a cellar was built.

As for the decoration, the classic aesthetic that characterizes the houses of the island: walls painted in pure white, furniture with wood as the protagonist, to match the window frames, and hydraulic cladding, stone or stoneware, sometimes covered by carpets of plant fibers.

- With over a hundred years behind it, this house, built by an American, retains its intact facade and many of the original building materials, extracted or manufactured on the island of Mallorca.
- The pool was reorganized in different environments, to achieve a rejuvenation of the outside environment.
- The interior decoration fled the ornamentation and made "less is more" its main objective. In this sense, we opted for wide, clean and empty spaces with the walls and ceilings painted immaculate white. High furniture, curtains and intense tones were successfully avoided.
- The symmetry games They were a constant throughout the house, which brought balance to the environments. We see it in the floors, in the choice of lamps, in the taps or in the careful succession in double row of the paintings.

Advertising - Keep reading below A house to rest

In good weather, daily life moves abroad. In this Mallorcan house, the green landscape and the calm atmosphere were used to create a space of peace and tranquility on two levels. In the lower part there was a seating area formed by two facing sofas and armchairs with cushions, well protected with umbrellas.

Around the pool

Some steps save the uneven access to the pool, elongated and framed by terraces. On one side hammocks with mats were placed, to enjoy the sun, and in front of them were comfortable wicker armchairs under the shade provided by an improvised jaima.

Details with history

The pool area was updated in order to rejuvenate the housing environment. For this, the entire surface was covered with wood and distributed in three different environments: a seating area and a chill out in the upper area while in the lower part, around the pool, the solarium was located. Thus, everyone was happy.

Mix of styles in the lounge

In the living room highlights the carpentry of waxed wood windows, with more than 70 years. As for the furniture, it was successful when combining traditional furniture with others of more current style, such as the immaculate white upholstery sofas and the pouf, of the Flexform firm, which encourage long gatherings.

Step into the kitchen

The door, with transparent glass quarters, allows visual connection with the rest of the house. Its design, double leaf and with lower moldings, is an extension of the two cabinets located at the entrance.

A clear kitchen

The fact that the island occupies the center of the kitchen facilitates freedom of movement. The checkerboard drawing of the old hydraulic tiles brings dynamism to the environment. Natural light enters through the windows.

Kitchen with central island

In the center of the kitchen there was a large island made of oak with a plate and steel oven, both of the Smeg firm. Next to them the sink was arranged, to facilitate the tasks. Showcases on both sides of the door and a niche with shelves on the radiator make it possible for the utensils to be perfectly organized.

Kitchen with office area

In the kitchen there is a lunch corner for eight people. On the table, old, like the chairs, hang twin ceiling lamps. A curious composition of paintings with identical frames and similar themes in two rows has been distributed on the wall. Cuadros, by artist Oliver Dorfer.

Private spa

The generous bathroom in wood and stone was one of the most pampered areas of the house. It highlights the two sinks, with faucets of the firm Vola, supported by a flown teak countertop, like the rectangular bathtub. A full-length mirror with legs rests on the wall. The decorated skirting board breaks the austerity of the room.

Canopy bed

The sobriety of the bedroom brings the serenity that rest requires. In the center of the room the structure of the canopy bed was arranged and on one side, a sequence of cabinets, behind which is the attached bathroom.
Custom furniture. Lamps and sconces brought from Germany.

Wood and stone bathroom

One of the two windows stood in line with the bathtub and, next to it, a small table to have accessories and towels on hand. In front of the washbasins a teak wood slat surface was arranged that runs along the entire side and facilitates the exit of the bathtub. The warmth of the wood contrasts with the coldness of the stone floor.
Bedside table or stool of recovered farm and Tolomeo lamp, Artemide.