Decorate Christmas with the most original ornaments!

Decorate Christmas with the most original ornaments!

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Pendants, garlands, lights or floor accessories in a variety of materials, which delights those who love diversity. You'll want them all! And as the saying wisely reminds us In the variety is the spice, We have put in a box the most original and beautiful. Open it. It is our gift for you.

Advertising - Keep reading below A natural crown

Wild-looking, such a crown, hanging on the door of our house, welcomes. Here you live Christmas! With lots of green and pineapples, you can make it yourself with branches that you pick from the field. From the center hangs a quilted textile heart. It’s from Greengate.

Golden glitters

Hang it vertically or wrapped around an object. Light garland Sirius with stars in
golden color, from Maisons du Monde (€ 24.99). Measure
2 meters in length

Peace and love

At Christmas share moments with yours in the light of this bright SEES IT, of sale in Very Much (€ 14.99). Its measurements: 41 x 18 cm.

Craft invoice

Made in a workshop, in wood, with bulbs
10 W and intensity regulator. This luminous star measures 40 cm and is available in several colors. It is from The Plastic Factory (€ 99).

Of wood

Twelve LED lights illuminate this city, carved in wood in a natural tone. It is sold at Leroy Merlin (€ 19.99). Its measurements are 35 x 13.5 x 23.5 cm.

The star lamp

A ceiling lamp with golden reflections. Light filters through the slits in the paper. Is the model Stråla, of Ikea (from € 6.99 in 70 cm in diameter). The connection cable with plug and switch is 3 meters long.

A special ornament with recycled material

A very special star. To decorate a door or to look on the wall or on a piece of furniture. It's from Unnido, an e-commerce platform led by the Riojana Association for People with Intellectual Disabilities. All the products you will find on their website ( are handmade in Spain by people with disabilities. In their elaboration they use ecological materials or whose raw material has been obtained through fair trade or recycling processes.

Felt and wool pendants, very warm

Felt and wool are also two very warm materials, increasingly used in the elaboration of winter decorative accessories. At Christmas we see individual and table mats and, of course, ornaments. These pendants will put the casual note on the tree branches. They are from the firm Blaubloom.

In a sock

One of the classic ornaments. Surely you've seen several socks hanging in the mouth of the fireplace on occasion: in movies, series, stories, at someone's home, on your own. But even if you don't have a fireplace, look for them somewhere. According to tradition, Santa Claus will leave a gift in the sock of each one. Are you going to miss it? Sock, from Butlers.

Christmas light

Lights, lights and more lights. Essential at Christmas. They illuminate the warmest moments. Mini white or colored light bulbs, which can be seen inside our houses and outside. They take the hollow houses that, by lighting a candle inside, let the light out through the windows. This light support has caught our attention. It is made of wood and the reindeer figure is perfect for these dates (although you can keep it all year). Neibours Caribou by Blumen light stand, for sale at ChicPlace.

Among the roles is the game

We never tire of repeating it: the ornaments on 3D paper, folded and with volume, according to the technique of origami or origami, they are a trend this Christmas. The star composition: two or three ornaments of various sizes hanging from the ceiling. Adornment, by Blaubloom.

Advent Calendar

Another traditional ornament: the Advent calendar. You will find it in many designs. This one in the form of a small house with windows for each day is from Car Möbel. In each of the textile boxes there is a ring for you to hang, for example, a bag with a candy or a chocolate. Discover a flavor every day until December 25.

Balls, the most original: with message

Merry Christmas Colorful, bold, casual, chic and with a message! Renew the tree balls or hang them with colored ribbons from a dry branch in a vase. Ball, by Maisons du Monde.

His majesties the Magi from the East

Without forgetting our most traditional Christmas, which brings the three Magi with their camels to each of the houses where there is a child on the night of January 5. Are you one of those who organize a realistic nativity scene with lake, river and bonfires or do you prefer a more discreet detail? You decide where to place these figures, for sale in the Casa stores.

Textile and quilted ornaments

You can make them yourself. We propose that you hang the door handles, as a flirtatious Christmas detail. Textile ornaments, from Bloomingville.