Fresh air in one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Madrid

Fresh air in one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Madrid

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Carlos Antón de la Vega

When a large part of the cities we inhabit in western countries have already been saturated, the architectural transformations and interventions that update the existing are seen as an inevitable and necessary horizon for the future development of urbanism.

The integral reform of this 75 m2 house by the AMÁSL Studio in the Madrid neighborhood of Puerta del Ángel, an area with a traditional character typical of the outskirts of the Manzanares River, constitutes a mirror in which to look at the future of the real estate park of the big cities.

The order of the so-called “PEX House” arises from the desire to adapt the spaces on this floor to the current needs of its owner. The new distribution breaks with the footprint of excessively compartmentalized homes, with marked and non-simultaneous uses, with little natural light, and with the lack of comfort elements that today we consider basic.

Advertising - Keep reading below Minimalist and industrial Carlos Antón de la Vega

The whole house plays with the minimalist and industrial style. The latter can be seen in the pipes that run through walls and ceilings discreetly, under a layer of white paint.

Tonal harmony Carlos Antón de la Vega

In the bedroom, the headboard is made of the same wood as the closet. Both are characterized by a smooth surface of light and natural color. In this way, an aesthetic minimalism is maintained that only breaks through the use of patterned cushions.

Hidden storage Carlos Antón de la Vega

All closets have hidden handles, creating a smooth and luminous surface that hides a large storage space inside.

Wide area Carlos Antón de la Vega

Thanks to its large surface area, the bathroom has an exempt bathtub and a walk-in shower, visually delimited by wooden panels that provide an unquestionable touch of naturalness to the environment.

Youthful freshness Carlos Antón de la Vega

The kitchen of open concept, decorated with doors and walls in white tones, enhances the luminosity in the company of wood, conceiving a fresh and youthful space that invites to make life inside the house.

Neon lights Carlos Antón de la Vega

To the right of the countertop, a neon cactus is responsible for adding a point of grace.

Optical game Carlos Antón de la Vega

The floor, covered with monochrome mosaic tiles, is used as a visual element to separate the rooms, since being an open space it lacks doors.

Privacy detail Carlos Antón de la Vega

The window with white grid inside the room creates a necessary privacy environment as it is a completely open space.

Microcement as base Carlos Antón de la Vega

The predominant elements that govern the design are distinguished by combining the perception of a continuous space with the use of microcement in the ground.

Custom furniture Carlos Antón de la Vega

It also highlights the furniture as it embraces the architecture, and the cozy sensations with doors embedded in niches that trap the user between stay and stay, conveying a young and contemporary will to live in a city that is not always benevolent with its citizens.

Right on Carlos Antón de la Vega

Minimalism advocates a restrained decoration, fleeing at all times of any kind of excess. Therefore, on this floor, the small details have been studied with great care, without forgetting, for example, of the life that plants are capable of giving to any corner.

Project and information: Courtesy of AMÁSL Study.